I am a Critical Thinker

I think to empower, not to gain power.

I think to motivate, not to intimidate.

I think to initiate, not to dominate.

I think to inspire, not to despise.

I think to create, not to duplicate.

I think more than a thought, I shape disposition.

I think more than a task, I beget duty.

I think more than facts, I cause wisdom.

I think more than independence, I suggest interdependence.

I think more than familiarity, I advocate mastery.

I don’t just think what to do, I show how to do it.

I don’t just think of goals, I help achieved it.

I don’t just think to be strong, but bend with

the storm.

I don’t just value adaptability, but flexibility.

I don’t just think with my brain, I speak with my heart.

I think not by pressure, but for pleasure.

I think not for fame, but for us to be one and the same.

I think not to touch lives, but change it.

I think not to cross bridges, but build it.

I think not to live, but I live to think.

I think to become better among the goods.

I  think to become a catalyst among the peers.

I think to become a link among the ranks.

I think to become best among the best.

I think to become  great among the saints.

Secular Humanism is my battle-cry, critical thinking is my style.

This is my vocation, not just a profession.

I am good and going to get better, because I know my purpose.

I don’t need a god.

And I am great.


Penny for your thoughts?

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