The Utter Stupidity of Pro-Life Arguments

I usually avoid dishing the insulting words regarding intellectual capacities, but in this case insulting words are  accurate. If you’re one of those noisy Filipino “pro-lifers” actively barricading the passage of a reproductive health bill and if some of these left your mouth and your fingers, let it be known, you have typed or said something Utterly Stupid. 

Before moaning and bitching to impressionable ones using your facebook account or your blog, let it be known I’m not saying you and your impressionable followers are hopeless. I’m saying, you better think harder so you can get out of The Pit of Utter Stupidity.

1. “Abortion is immoral. No to RHB.”

The Stupidity: Associating ideas that are not associated.

A little homework would tell you this bill and it consolidated version do not legalize abortion.

2. “We don’t need the RHB.  What we need is Natural Family Planning and Abstinence.”

The Stupidity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The NFP campaigns started in the 1970s with both government and Church going out of their way to promote this financially appealing program while our culture has been proud of passing on the great idea of abstinence by preventing the access of information to Reproductive Health.

Guess how we’re faring:

Right now the average family wants an average of 2.5 children. The average family gets an average of 3.03 children.

Poorer families want 3 to 4 children, but they give birth to an average of 4 to 6 children.  Poorer families have 3x more children than average families.

The usage rate of NFP  amounts to a disappointing rate of 9.4%. That’s 9.4% after decades of combined government and church efforts.

More than half of the pregnancies in this country are unplanned. Thirty percent (30%) of births belong to the 15-24 age group. Read “teen pregnancies” and “early pregnancies.”

Want to use the same tricks? Please consider going abroad and taking your next generation with you.

Promoting only NFP, abstinence and little information on reproductive health gave us abysmal results.  Time to promote all standard birth control methods without prejudice. Time to promote reproductive health education.

The next time you blabber on the effectiveness of abstinence, no RH education & NFP, ask yourself again why we have a high number of teen pregnancies, unplanned pregnancies, high maternal morbidities and why families cannot meet their desired fertility.

3. “RHB promotes Contraceptive Mentality. That’s bad. “

The Stupidity: False Statement. We have no “contraceptive mentality.”

Guess the percentage of women using pills? Spoilers: it’s 15.7%.  Female sterilization is at 9.2%, IUD 3.7%, injectables 2.6 and condoms 2.3.

Guess the percentage of women not using any birth control method: almost 50%. Nearly half of Filipino women are at risk for unplanned pregnancies yet they don’t use any form of birth control, modern or traditional thanks to our cultural allergy to reproductive health education.

And what’s so frickin’ bad about modern contraception when it’s more effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies?

In fact, it prevents around 112 million abortions in developing countries every year. Women not using any birth control method account for 54% of abortion cases and women using traditional methods like NFP account for 35% of abortion cases.  Women on modern contraception?  Only 11% of abortion cases.

Still think modern contraception is evil?

4. “RHB, specifically giving out modern contraceptives promotes a dole out mentality.”

The Stupidity: Mistaking investments for dole outs just because you don’t benefit directly

Guess how much the country spends on unwanted pregnancies?  Spoilers: it’s P5.5 billion. That’s more than 5 billion pesos that could have been saved and invested in education, health and other opportunities but were spent instead on managing unwanted pregnancies.

Guess who needs freebies because they cannot get contraception. Spoilers: the poorer, marginalized women. The wealthier women don’t need to fall in line in the nearest Health Center and get a free Depo injection or a free lecture on reproductive health. It’s the poorer women who don’t have the means or the idea how to control their childbearing. It’s they who give birth to more children that they can’t afford and who mistakenly believe every child will automatically make them richer.  The more children these women have, the less money they can spend on each child for education and health and the greater chance for the children to grow up and stay poor.

Guess how many unintended pregnancies in 2008 we could have prevented through effective contraception? Spoilers: 1.9 million.

Guess how many women died in the same year due to unplanned pregnancies? Spoilers: about 223,000.

This discussion will not even cover the health risks associated with pregnancy, but I strongly urge the noisy pro-lifers to remember that pregnancy is not a walk in the park. It’s an expensive, health-risking, life-risking process to bring about new life. An unplanned pregnancy only exacerbates those risks.

Healthier women gives you healthier kids. Healthier people gives you a healthier society.

How is it it’s fine to give food, but not okay to give information or resources to empower a woman? It must be the cultural allergy again.

5. “RHB will endanger our population. Look at Japan, Russia, Germany, Canada, etc.”

The Stupidity: Look at how these first world countries are doing. Wow our situation is way way better than theirs /sarcasm

Look at how Filipinos leave the Philippines for a shot at working in these countries? I guess I don’t have to explain that.

RHB will help reduce fertility rates, or the number of children per family, but the population will still grow due to population momentum. If you don’t believe me, our fertility rates have gone down in the past fifty years, but our population is still exploding.

What the heck is RHB for if the fertility rates are going down? Aside from giving women and future children a more DECENT shot at life that pro-lifers strangely object to? The decrease in our fertility rates is TOO slow compared to other countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Guess how these countries are faring economically compared to the Philippines.

6. “RHB is against individual liberty! It’s a fascist bill. It’s an anti-capitalism bill.”

The utter Stupidity: Mistaking RHB for an economic overhaul bill; Mistakenly believing our country is 100% capitalism.

You want 100% individual liberty? Go find a patch of land not subject to any government, organization, group or individual. Make legal claims on that patch of land and live happily ever after without worrying why your taxes go to anti-liberty government projects like public school education or funds to prevent epidemics – the government has no right to spend your money on these things without your permission dammit!  /sarcasm

Really you call yourself pro-life but you don’t want better health for women and children, save lives, give them a bigger window  out of poverty all because “it’s against liberty?”

7. “RHB will create more corruption.  No to RHB!”

The Stupidity: Duh. It’s not the issue.

Following this incredibly flawed logic, we should stop all government projects. That should stop corruption. Even better idea is we should just carry on without a government

8. “RHB is against the teachings of the church! It’s against culture!”

The utter Stupidity: Putting value in harmful culture rather than human welfare.

About half a century ago, it was still fine and dandy for priests to preach to doctors not to give painkillers to birthing women because “God” gave women the “pain of birth.” Currently, that teaching falls under the category of barbaric or utterly stupid.

Centuries ago, it was perfectly acceptable for the Church and government institutions to torture and kill women and children for being “witches” without any shred of evidence. Currently, the thought alone falls under the category of barbaric or utterly stupid.

If you’re a fair and just person, you don’t go around killing people and making them suffer just because they don’t share the same beliefs as you do. If you’re a fair and just person, you don’t put stock in values or traditions that bring about suffering.

If you’re a fair and just person, you don’t go around forcing people to conform to your opinions. Here’s a big hint: not all Filipinos think modern contraception is evil.

9. “RHB is an anti-life bill. ”

If you’re a fair and just person and you now understand (because you can learn) why the previous items are utterly stupid, then you know the utter stupidity of this item.

Object to the bill or to the provisions of the bill using these reasons, but don’t cry and moan when someone calls you utterly stupid. That person is telling you the truth.

Kindly reevaluate your objections to a bill that aims to promote gender equality and better quality of life. If you object to a few provisions only, go for “improving” the RHB, not shouting at the top of your lungs how vile and immoral this bill with the cultural allergy to being open about sex and reproduction spurring you on.

Live your “pro-life” creed. Don’t be stupid.

Author: [Cat’s Cradle]

41 thoughts on “The Utter Stupidity of Pro-Life Arguments

    • sorry I am in a mood for replying to these comments.

      Weee! Who the heck are these Spoilers?

      Humans are really good at making excuses.
      How amusing it is to know that fact.

      Readers, an advice:
      Please do realize that this is a biased blog so if you don’t want to be called a gullible one, try search for the other facts and figures regarding this issue first, analyze them well using you’re intellect, and then make the final say. :)
      If you don’t want to.

      – I’m sorry if this is too harsh.
      – But I just wish you’ll be broad-minded
      that’s all

      • Red Herring – any diversion intended to distract attention from the main issue. “Humans are good at making excuses”; you got that right.

        People like you can’t answer issues directly because you have no answer for it. You say “try to search for the other facts” because you have no facts to present that will crash any of the items above. More of these dumbass maneuvers and I won’t bother approving your comment… dumbass.

        Sorry that’s harsh but I wish you’ll use your brain. That’s all. Thank you for commenting.

      • hahaha, your wish is granted I’m not narrow minded and as you wished,I studied every facts from different sources. but it seemed statistics really favored this post. :-)

    • Hoy! If you missed the tweet, get your statistics from an objective, nonpartisan source like NSCB, UN, WHO, World Bank, Guttmacher. is a “pro-life” website, funded by “pro-life” foundations with “pro-life” agenda. Do you have an opinion or you just copy from Meh. Start thinking for yourself, you lump.

      • The reason that I seldom use them or not use them at all this is because the aims of those organization is global in nature it has either no or little effect to what the conditions in the Philippines. I only site a country different from ours like France due to their years of experience towards contraception or America in which we filipinos copycats follows ultimately on spending for contraception.

        Now to my sources ok you said bias but you see pls supply me figures for the government spending on contraception vs. abstinence and government spending on artificial contraception in the philippine setting.

        NSO – you dont think that this is bias would you :)

        various publication like those in, Heritage Foundation Again I dont think they are bias :)

        BTW Guttmacher institute is NOT unbias but I will still read their articles also with the other sources you mentioned which you say are unbias :)

      • There are only two reasons why you don’t use them: 1) You don’t have the brains to process studies 2) The conclusion of those studies from more objective nonpartisan organizations don’t support your opinion. Who is playing with statistics now Perez? Hur hur hur

  1. As I read them now I might use them in the future :) As you see they never ever gave any fresh perspective on what I have already learned I mean 1. You are underestimating the way I look at things :) Dont worry the way you presented things and simplify it to your hearts content without the benefit of analysis on your part doesnt in any way amused me :)

  2. oh dear. please analyze your post well and please do cite your sources well. It’s not that convincing for me. Well maybe for you and the gullible ones it is. :)

      • for

        * So you want the RH Bill be implemented to address these problems? A bill that unwittingly violates the constitution? A bill that obviously encourages contraceptives, which in turn have side-effects on users? This bill also known as Responsible Parenthood Bill but don’t you think that it is actually a bill that will or may encourage the opposite: be irresponsible parents? Don’t you think that abstaining sex, knowing that it may lead to another human that can’t be supported at the current financial situation of the family, being born to this world somewhat a good and responsible decision? What I mean is that if people will only be encourage to think first about their current situation before doing anything like having sex (for pleasure I pressume), don’t you think that could be a good thing to do instead of giving out contraceptives that don’t really guarantee prevention of pregnancy and spread of diseases? For me that’s a responsible and wise decision. Don’t you think this government rather needs to funnel our limited resources to the real problems like in the education and agriculture sectors? Don’t you think that if we’ll be able secure first equal and quality access to the basic social services and rights (education, food, shelter, health) by all especially the poor people today, we may slowly decrease that poverty incidence percentage you argue to be a plausible reason for implementing ‘Reproductive health’ laws? Don’t you think that if we’ll be able to keep our limited professionals work here instead of going abroad it would also help in our problems? And if ever. don’t you think that it would be of economic advantage for our country if a big, healthy and young population be educated well and work for our country? Did you know about the current situation of the European countries that mangled their population growth rate now experience a so called Demographic winter (correct me if I am wrong)? What is that? They are somewhat damned to go ‘extinct’. Do you know what they are doing now? Their governments are encouraging their citizens to have babies or people from other countries migrate to their place just to somehow reverse their situation. Do you seriously want that to happen to this country? I know you find these arguments to be rather stupid, but I think it is just because you don’t want to really think about them well. I really think that if there’s a will to make this happen, there must a way, but of course a way that doesn’t need to play with our growth or fertility rate. No excuses.

        Anyway. I just posted this comment to ask you to somehow rethink again. Take a look at the side of the people you indirectly call stupid without any bias. We’ll if you have done so, just keep on rethinking because you’re not really sure that what you want to happen is the best solution for this country’s problems. As for me, at least I get some ideas about what some of the people from the other camp are thinking. This is, for me, this a big help in devising the most appropriate and realistic solutions. :)

      • You’re the one approaching this issue with biases. There are still no studies to support your statement, you unthinking parrot.

        1. What constitutional violation?
        2. Side effects? Why are alcohol, cigarettes, vehicles, anesthesia and medicines allowed?
        3. Slippery slope argument. Give statistical evidence that A will cause B.

        I could go on, but it’s apparent to anyone who’ll read this thread that YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT FACTS. You only care about your wrong opinion.
        Realistic solutions, oh please. Until you can refute Robyn’s facts with facts, try not to comment with your mental garbage.

      • I think you don’t get my point because you still continue to argue with me through this thread. (^-^)v

        Anyway, I was hoping that you’ll make the initiative in searching for the probable causes of why I think this way. In that way you may somehow wonder why someone thinks that way. But it seems that I made a stupid assumption that you’re an open-minded person. I admit I did not cited any sources for that stupid reason. So you’re right. There’s no longer any point in replying. But if you still want, just search for the answers to your questions yourself. You might say my sources are biased. And reply to this thread if you found what you think are my sources. Sorry if this sounds lame. I just dislike arguing with people who repeatedly insults someone who wishes to discuss something. :P

      • I think if your frontal lobe has grown enough why not you simulate it to grow back to where it came from :) For your studies are old enough to say that these are not the realities that is facing us now globally :)

        Even America is having doubts now on your studies and the republican led house has considered defunding of Planned Parenthood

        Here in this link there was a citing of a study much more recent than my post with the same conclusion :) Your Robyns Kazakhstan example will surely be next for I will just finish all the “stupidity” here

        There is only one conclusion in all of these there is no correlation whatsoever to unintended pregnancy to contraception and abortion in which you espouse so well. The graph that I had said has already proven that in America your contraception is gasping for its very breath in stopping abortion :) You see I am going to use your Guttmacher study after all :) hur hur hur :)

  3. To @The Atheist Freedom Wall – you see a banks first approach to investing is its profitability. PAX Bank no exception for they rely more on financial experts, for prelates are prelates and not financial experts i.e make them handle the bank and surely the bank will collapse overnight :)

    The overlooked investments are brought to the banks attention and the they have already rectified this on the news item above

    On the financial side BAE is really a good investment though the choice is quite not contrary to ethical standards

    Wyeth might have contraceptive components on it but it also into baby food and drugs for the sick and it is profitable on the financial side

    In conclusion since these were brought up already and rectified dont you think that we should lay it to rest rather than beating the bush over and over again :)

    • The fact is, they still INVESTED IN CONTRACEPTIVES. And no, this should not be forgotten, since you’re all saying that contraceptives are bad for people’s health. So, the Vatican cares for the people, huh? Interesting… Very interesting…

      • @The Atheist Freedom Wall :) The bank is run by secular people and not by prelates as I said you are beating the dead donkey :) Wyeth is not only producing contraceptive pills but drugs for the sick and also health drugs such as vitamins and baby formulas. As an investor I would look after the profitability of my investors money due to analysis and data. Wyeth is a profitable company and contraceptive pills are easily overlooked at for they are more known as a drug company with credentials. One theory is that should be looked at is that Wyeth purposely hid this things for their investor Pax bank for you would not turn away a potential investor if you know that they would not invest on some products that they knew you will be against at…. that is marketing basic to you :) And Pax bank is more gullible in profits rather than double checking their data :)

  4. If you dont believe me @The Atheist Freedom Wall then look at this article

    it says

    vdB: One thing is that our globalised world has become faster moving and more complex. It’s becoming more and more difficult to trace the interests and activities of internationally acting enterprises down to the last detail, it’s just as difficult as keeping this knowledge up-to-date. This was certainly different in the past. Therefore, Pax-Bank has been employing the services of external specialists for part of its funds for years now. However, this concept cannot be applied to all of our investment funds within a short time-frame.

  5. @Curious Pandesal

    I never gave the second link just for you to peruse the sidelinks on it. But for you to realize that even the Republicans are now seeking for the defunding of the PP. If you want to search for added links you can google it for yourself just to say that this is not tsismis :).

    Even America is awakening already to their senses by turning this pro contraception journalist to defund the PP for the conclusion that she made on the guttmacher report

    Cunningly this is the same very same conclusion that I entered into when I studied the Guttmacher report

    The answer to your question is to simulate all of the data in the Guttmacher, just what Kirsten Powers did and the conclusion will be the same and this is my answer too to you that contraceptives never prevents abortion and the NFP in the Guttmacher report has more conscience in keeping their children than those who uses Artificial Contraception :)

    To answer your question nga pala just look at the graph in all my links specially the Guttmacher report which says it abortion increased slightly on their last report and your contraception is gasping already to prevent abortion…. almost stagnant @curious pandesal for many years na :)

    Well nakapasa na ba? hehehehe

    • The conversation is here. The reply should be here. Can I take your TV and tell you that everytime you wish to use it you can do so at my grandmother’s place?

      • Well there is something that you said the last time that fits your description of this scenario… that is I make you like a fool, so even if you want me to take your TV…. you just would not let me :). Also my purpose is my own and it is better to answer them elsewhere that is if you can take the heat. If you cannot then get out of the kitchen :)Be patient I know curiouspandesal and Robyn is up to something let me first dissect his thesis and let us see what happens :)

  6. Don’t flatter yourself. I said you only want to make people feel stupid, not because they’re unintelligent. But because you’re egotistic and you only love to insult people. Plus, you only hear yourself. And yeah, let’s wait for Mr. Curiouspandesal’s reply here. The conversation is here, the reply should be here.

    • If I am egotistic as you say as per your JUDGEMENT of me why even bother for me to answer in this link at all? Just doesnt make sense isnt it. To tell you the truth I accidentally put on my wall the last answer of this link and many did respond and liked my post even those friends of mine who professed that they are PRO RH :) Did I make you feel stupid? Maybe ask curiouspandesal and this link why?

      • Mr. Joseph Perez, thank you for regularly visiting our blog. I regret to inform you we will not be giving you the time of day. We received an intelligence report that you’re not important and it would be very prudent to ignore what passes for your “scientific analysis”. We’ll get back to you when you’re as sikat and ridiculous as Atty. Sison or Oscar Cruz. Entiende? No hard feelings. I apologize if we gave you the wrong impression. We cannot reciprocate any further but we appreciate your time.

  7. The anti-RH arguments are just covers to protect a dogma long held to be false, the dogma of Papal Infallibility. There are those that simply cannot wake up to the fact that they are being lied to by the very same source who is supposed to be incapable of lying.

    “In 1964, Pope Paul VI created the Papal Commission on Population and Birth Control. It was a two-part commission and met from 1964 to 1966. One part consisted of 64 lay persons, the other, of 15 clerics, including the future Pope John Paul II, then a Polish cardinal. Pope Paul gave the Commission only one mission—to determine how the Church could change its position on birth control without undermining papal authority. After two years of study, the Commission concluded that it was not possible to make this change without undermining papal authority, but that the Church should make the change anyway because it was the right thing to do! The lay members voted 60 to 4 for change, and the clerics, 9 to 6 for change.[2] Pope Paul did not act immediately. A minority report was prepared, co-authored by the man who is now Pope John Paul II. In this report he stated:

    If it should be declared that contraception is not evil in itself, then we should have to concede frankly that the Holy Spirit had been on the side of the Protestant churches in 1930 (when the encyclical Casti Connubii was promulgated), in 1951 (Pius XlI’s address to the midwives), and in 1958 (the address delivered before the Society of Hematologists in the year the pope died). It should likewise have to be admitted that for a half century the Spirit failed to protect Pius XI, Pius XII, and a large part of the Catholic hierarchy from a very serious error.

    This would mean that the leaders of the Church, acting with extreme imprudence, had condemned thousands of innocent human acts, forbidding, under pain of eternal damnation, a practice which would now be sanctioned. The fact can neither be denied nor ignored that these same acts would now be declared licit on the grounds of principles cited by the Protestants, which popes and bishops have either condemned or at least not approved.[3]” – Why the Church can’t change,

    The majority of this commission basically reported the following conclusion:

    “The commission produced a report in 1966, proposing that artificial birth control was not intrinsically evil and that Catholic couples should be allowed to decide for themselves about the methods to be employed.[1][2][3][4] According to the majority report, use of contraceptives should be regarded as an extension of the already accepted cycle method:” – Pontifical Commission on Birth Control,

    In the end, what’s important to anti-RH supporter, most specifically the Church’s hierarchy is not about the unborn, side-effects, family, youth, etc. Is is all about protecting the Pope and his authority at all costs.

    The minority report co-authored by Cardinal Karol Józef Wojtyła who will later become Pope John Paul II basically is more concerned of where the Holy Spirit supposedly sides. That in changing the Church’s stand on RH, the sitting Pope then and other previous Popes were wrong in a lot of things.

    There is no mention about protecting the unborn, side-effects of artificial contraceptives, family values, etc. It is all about basically admitting that they got things wrong but they would rather stick to it because if they change, the Pope’s authority might diminish.

  8. Dear fellow RH bill supporters: We need to accepts that the RH bill is good if it will only be a temporary solution. Continuously giving out free contraceptives to the non-taxpaying population will slow down the population growth and hence will slow down the effects of ‘densely populated areas’ such as high crime rate and low numbers of literate people but even at a slower rate their population will still grow.

    Dear fellow Catholics: We need to stop using morality as the basis for our judgement, Jesus as our model used logic whenever he teaches, hindi niya basta basta sinabi na “Pag binato ninyo ang babaeng yan magagalit si God” he even challenged the pharisees and the old teaching when he was asked kung bakit siya nagpapagaling even though na that day is Biblically a nonworking holiday. If we truly believe in God, and we know that he is the (he favours the) truth and we know that he has given us knowledge then we should start using that God given knowledge for the betterment of our society by looking for the truth and not simply listening sa mga ‘Conservative’ na tao after all no matter how high they are in the church tao parin sila.

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