Holy Hypocrisy by Sean Pena

by Sean Pena

You imply to all the glory of your divine mission,

But poorly concealed the stench of thy corruption.

You spread the promise of false illusions,

Financially gaining from the sufferings of millions.

You proud yourself that thy purpose is huge,

Always the same crappy cliché for a subterfuge.

For centuries you proliferated religious intolerance

And now you sport your arrogant defiance.

You claim to be the church of the poor and humility,

While basking in great splendor and ignoring poverty.

You said, from our goodness we shall mold this nation,

But you know very well, you’re an abomination

The RH bill is evil! You have strongly implied,

Over the centuries, how many times you’ve lied?

In the medieval age you ruled and had your run

And if history remembers it was a disastrous one.

You condone slavery and the holocaust as just,

That’s why I look at you now with hatred and disgust.

You had imprinted to the masses that thy infallible,

But not all people are that bewildered nor gullible.

Today you may brag and stand up tall,

But like lightning from a cloudless sky you’ll fall.

The collapse is inevitable; it is what you call fate.

Accept it and every stolen dime you must remunerate.

From history we already learned our lesson.

The RCC has never been a holy institution.

Obsolete church superstitions is a melancholy

That can only be amended with education and study.

I call on all our countrymen to unite and fight,

Support critical thinking and show our might.

Discard these preposterous obsolete superstitions

And make a bright future based on logical decisions.

. . .

Reproduced with the permission of Sean Pena


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