Weekly Digest

This week: more lies from the CBCP, a moronic barangay ordinance, EDSA celebration, a surprising Vatican admission on abuse and the Pope getting served. Bonus video of Pat Condell’s.

In the Land of the Morning, our Motherland Philippines:

1. The consolidated Reproductive Health Bill set for plenary debates on March 1.

2. The anti-RH robed virgins intensified their campaigns and spread more misinformation (thou shall not lie! oh again) which prompted a clarification from the Guttmacher Institute. A quick trip to the Guttmacher Institute should provide you with studies that make good cases for reproductive health programs.

3. In a completely retarded maneuver, Ayala Alabang officials classified condoms, IUDs and pills as “abortifacients” and requires prescriptions for purchase of such items provided for by their magnificent ordinance. These barangay nutjobs know more about health than a former DOH secretary and the WHO.

4. Filipinos had an EDSA Party. A bronzed Cardinal Sin showed up. If you  don’t know Sin, he’s the Cardinal who kept helping Cory and his cohorts get rid of heads of state they don’t like much. The CBCP is definitely capitalizing on the Church’s “positive” roots in EDSA to convince more people to buy their lies about the RH Bill. If “25 years later still a sick man of asia let’s celebrate” isn’t darkly hilarious, here’s something for you.

Party with them first. Then, we depose. R-amen.

Elsewhere in the World:

1.  Some very horny priests have been sexually abusing and raping nuns. The news here is that the Vatican admits it… but says it’s the secular world’s fault.

2.  The Pope is charged with crimes against humanity, finally.

And now, dear Philippines, some very timely words from Pat Condell

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