Lessons From the Mothership: Occam’s Razor

What is Occam’s Razor?

In Wikispeak

is a principle that generally recommends selecting the competing hypothesis that makes the fewest new assumptions, when the hypotheses are equal in other respects; often expressed in Latin as the lex parsimoniae, translating to law of parsimonylaw of economyor law of succinctness

In Hawkingverse (The Grand Design edition)

choosing the most elegant explanation that explains all existing observations and can make predictions with minimal arbitrary or adjustable elements

I made this one up. This is not Stephen Hawking’s definition of Occam’s Razor but how Occam’s Razor is used by scientists in building models and theories.

In English

The simplest explanation is preferred.

In Macrospeak

Why do you complicate matters, bro?


This post is inspired by the Mothership, Critical Thinking Filipinos

Author: Curious Pandesal

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