Body of Mine, Blood of Mine

If anyone is offended by my non-belief, feel free not to read this. This is a statement done out of the respect for individual choice, and how it is repeatedly raped by the CBCP as it lies and deceives to keep the Reproductive Health Bill from passing and allowing information and education from reaching those who need it most.

Many of the Roman Catholics here in the Philippines have been seemingly caught in a neverending loop that might be surprising even to them. As we know it, we grow up seeing friends and family begetting babies out of wedlock, and most of the time, conservative parents would hurry them up to the altar to marry them, sometimes without minding to ask the children how they feel about it, all just to save face. All just for the “dignity” that is supposed to be held, which is apprarently much more important to the parents than the children’s opinions, or the children’s choice later in life, being much too young to set their life in stone with a marriage.

These children, after some time when the baby is born, would also hold a ceremony that would finish this cycle that gives the Roman Catholic Church, the biggest church in the Philippines, its bragging rights to throw their weight around in numbers, to pressure politicians about having 80% of the population. They say that a baby is born in sin, and must be washed to be cleansed and to be able to be accepted into their holy kingdom.

Really, how many of these devotees actually care that they are Roman Catholic? How many share exactly the same views as this Church that speaks on behalf of ALL of them? I have friends who are Roman Catholic yet despise what their leaders are doing in blocking the RH Bill.

The fact that the children who have sired a child of their own from outside the so-called sanctity of marriage is one blinding fact that they ignore the teachings of the Church they have been inducted in when they were babies. Premarital sex. The Church is against it, yet how come these kids are having kids? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that something is wrong here. (Studies about the Bush administration in the US show that even though an abstinence-only program was implemented, the number of those who engage in premarital sex have not dropped. Nor have the frequency of sex and the number of partners.)

Another soul is added to that 80% without its consent, the baby having no will of its own as of yet, and maybe, might think differently when it grows up about the religion it was baptized in. Who is to say? We are not that baby to know, we are not that individual to decide for it.

Our family is Protestant, and my own mother had forgotten to have me baptized. But funnily enough even though I wouldn’t mind, I don’t care, and I’m somewhat proud that I’m not. That I’m given a choice as to what I might believe in. So I’ll do the same for my own son, my own son who is born out of wedlock, my own son who still is a bastard in all technicality. In this society where everything is steeped in a religion that wants to cut off the choices of many without care for them as long as their dogmas will rule and their word is final, I will give to my son a choice by not chaining him to a religion he might not believe in.

Let us pass the RH Bill. Let us give others the choice they want.


2 thoughts on “Body of Mine, Blood of Mine

  1. i see this is an old article. cool you’re doing a revival occasionally. flickr photos are kind of useless. it’s better if you use that space for the revival and the rest for your recent posts.

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