The Prejudice Of Faith

Isn’t it odd that faith discriminates? In the sense that a person will choose to believe in certain ideas that are extraordinary and unsupported by evidence and reason, but will have no interest at all in believing a host of other similar unenvinced extraordinary ideas. So what then is one’s criteria for having faith in X but not Y? Why X instead of Y, and why neither? What kinds of claims must we have faith in? What are the characteristics of those claims for which we must forgo reason/evidence, but must believe in fully nonetheless rather than just ignore or be agnostic about?

I think if believers honestly and sincerely answered these questions they’d find that their bases would include, among others, preference, emotion, culture-centric biases/prejudices. If we scratch the surface I think we’ll discover, in some if not all cases, instances of special pleading–of singling out particular claims which they hold immune to rationality and rule of evidence and logic, affording them a special pass and privilege they don’t grant to almost all other ideas/beliefs and areas of inquiry.


12 thoughts on “The Prejudice Of Faith

    • Wow, you must have hated PNoy and the more than 15 million of us so much. Let me guess, you must be a Dick Gordon supporter.

      Anyway, what is being discussed here is one’s belief in much greater things than our politics.

      The election was long over, your candidate lost, your candidate even congratulated the now sitting President, so please get over it.

      I saw some of your posts and they were good, very good in fact, except when you try to make those who voted for the sitting President appear to have “stunted brain development”, “susceptible to gullibility” and basically stupid. That shows your arrogance and contempt for you fellow Filipinos.

      As I said, it is not up to us right now to judge if PNoy (with just only one year into his term) to judge whether he did good or not.

      We have had perhaps two of the most intelligent, capable and experienced persons in Marcos and Arroyo as presidents. Unfortunately, they were also the same two presidents who basically ruined our democratic institutions.

      Your candidate may as well be like the two, that is why he probably lost. He may be perceived to be more of the same.

  1. Someone said this remark to me once

    “Faith you see is weak for it can defeated by reason so we turn to Hope
    But you see Hope can also be defeated again…. by despair
    So we turn to the undefeated virtue that is Charity or Love”

    You got it right there on the bag Tene for even the weakest virtue is strong for the following reasons
    Faith as described is

    Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 NIV

    We cannot see the virtues of loyalty that is also prejudiced. How about honesty we cannot see that too, and that is also prejudiced. But we know they are there, they exists and that is because we believe they exists and we have faith in our beliefs.

    Maybe what you are talking here are the institutional beliefs why not A and not B it all boils down to one thing… The truth

    I will not burden you to believe on what I believed in because I have only one thing that is faith and the truth. But this truth is not only on the experiential stage (though I experienced it) nor on the dogmatic and traditional sense (though this is important too I am a Catholic) but on one passage which is still now perplexed me till now that is

    “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son so that all might have everlasting life”
    John 3:16

    This is the very versed in which Christians were fed to the lions and they died willingly
    This is the very same verse that St Lawrence who immediately alerted his guards that he is already fried on the other side and its time for them to turn him over to complete the burning
    This is the very verse why so many people who is willing to die for someone who they have never seen but only heard… This is the martyrs and the saints and gave their lives willingly
    Now even little children have died for that faith too, children that only heard of Him Whom they loved they gave their lives willingly too
    This is the very verse which people will endure pain and suffering so as to love Him more and with it share in His pains and sufferings

    The reason is not only faith but all of us knew the truth that is “God has loved us” and that is enough for me to choose my faith :) That is the Christian faith

    You may ask why not Baptists, Ink, Methodist etc etc Why Catholic?

    I am in good company of those who died for that faith from St Peter, to St Lawrence, to Lorenzo Ruiz etc etc. and those others who suffered for that faith that is St Francis, St Mary of Egypt (a prostitute at 12 who turn to Christ after she saw the mercy of God) and other great saints in which in which if I tell all will ultimately bore you to death showing all the immensity of that love of God to mankind :)

    Thanks for invite I hope I have shed light on how to choose not base on prejudices but on truth and faith

      • Simply stated above first you experience it, then you know about it and believe on it and then you will have that sense and feeling an obligatory feeling to suffer and take the pains to know it.

        This can be seen in our daily lives too, lets take for example the study of law. First is that you have that hunger to study law maybe because that your father is a lawyer, your penchant is for debates, or maybe one day you were in a courtroom marvel at the intellectual gymnastics that goes around or just maybe you just wanted to uphold the law and defend the defenseless that is the poor. That is the experiential stage in this stage you validate the calling of your state in life and believed on it

        Now what will you do? Validating is not enough you put what you believe into action. That is you study. Long hours of many literature that is available in this dogmatic stage, you suffer for the discipline that you are longing for, not only you put time and effort on it, you will experience pain and suffering, That is you go to school everyday, along the way you get sick in studying and sometimes you feel that you want to abandon it and will have doubts on your chosen field. But there is something in us we call perseverance that keeps us going to the very end. We persevere to the very end maybe out of foolishness or simply out of love for that vocation that you have chosen. Coz we know that in the very end all the hardships, pains and suffering that we put on it there in the end a glory that will awaits us that is passing the board exam. After you passed it all the pains and suffering and even the hardships will be forgotten and only reminisce on it and be happy that you took that road :)

        Only through pain and suffering that we will arrive at the truth nothing, more and nothing less :)

  2. I will give you only one

    For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that all may have everlasting life

    Thats it and the rest is left to the mortal man :)

    • Where’s the proof a Sky Daddy exists? Is there a scientific consensus? An infrared pic? Did it show up on the universe’s baby pic?

      For Superman loved Earth, he takes time off his day job to save people from dying. Show me the proof.

      • The burden of proof is yours to make not mine maybe if you just make a new blog on it and invite me to answer, I will answer it. Maybe even better is if I write a blog in here for you to critique tell that to Tene I will gladly make it. Now I refuse to answer that coz this is not the topic at hand sorry for that :)

      • The burden of proof is on the one making the claim. You claim there’s a god and he sent his son to earth. Where’s the proof? It’s what I’ve been asking you. You haven’t answered.

  3. I answered not your question but the question above this and please refer to that question. I can show you proofs by the use of reason showing the rationality of the theists claims but not here for we are veering at the question above if we do that. I answered that question above so I ask you to start a new blog or let me start one myself is that unreasonable? I only answer to the questions and not start a blog within a blog do you get my point? I will if you are reasonable enough to do what you ask of me to show my proofs if you are willing to do your share of the burden :) Thanks

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