Weekly Digest – Feb 27 to Mar 5

This week’s best: aircon busting angels, more wishful thinking from the “pro-life” camp and the 4chan-CBCP love affair. The Philippines is still a hot bed of batshit.


1. RH Bill Plenary delayed because the angels of the Lawrd hath wielded their otherwordly laser swords to smite the aircon, that villainous villainous aircon! Why can’t these angels be useful and prevent earthquakes for a change?

Laser Swooooord!

2. The “pro-life” camp is misty-eyed over the “low HIV incidence“, insists that condoms don’t protect against HIV (rosaries do! fck those useless condoms and doctors). RealityHIV incidence among adolescents is on the rise and research says condoms help.

3. CBCP says it’s okay to admit your homo, but it’s hell for you if you act according to your homoness. God loves you as virgin homosexual.

4. RCC insists it will win over the RH Bill because the Church never lost. See they will win this through dckery just like Ayala Alabang Taliban who knows how to defend the faith. This is how you show respect and democracy. ETA: AA Taliban upgraded their electromagnetic tops, more lashings to those who disagree. With this level of hate and tyranny, who needs Satan?



1. Taliban is out… well hopefully.

2. Westboro Baptist Church still hate gays and they are still bothering funerals. Some well-meaning people sex them up please.

3. There’s no Bible. This is not a trolly comment. Not news, but newbies can start here.

“Why do you do that?… See, this is why we can’t be friends.”

The most eloquent and evocative words I’ve heard from an atheist to a (hatin’) theist.


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