A prominent figure of an institution dedicated to moral and spiritual excellence must take care in choosing words to avoid tabloid sensationalism. What the esteemed bishop Oscar V. Cruz has written here, now a propaganda tool by the pro-fetus group, turned the idea of population development into a B-rated horror story courtesy of his “fertile imagination” and “downright fantastic” wit. Oscar V. Cruz knowingly committed again what he preaches God doesn’t want you to do: lie.

RH proponents never once promoted that “population is the enemy.” Population development programs aim to slow population growth, not shave off the population by millions. On a macro level, slower population growth will prevent exacerbation of economic problems and on a micro level, women are empowered to meet their desired fertility levels. Current studies show there is no need for coercion, killing fields and dance rituals for inviting the devil because there is the unmet need for contraception and family planning. Women in the country want to control their reproduction, a fact that pro-fetuses like Oscar V. Cruz do not want to acknowledge.

Population is the number of organisms (people)  living in habitat. It is not the problem. Why the fuck would you use this title that smacks of idiocy if you’re not trolling?

Fast population growth with sluggish economic growth is a problem. Women unable to control fertility due to lack of knowledge and resources is a problem. Not a problem to Oscar because he lives in a nice painted place with a sewage system and has money from the pockets of Pinoys; Oscar is the equivalent of a vassal lord who lives and eats well, but would rather pray than do something about his peasants who have to eat pagpag.

In big social debates such as the Reproductive Health Bill, misconstructions degrade discussions. Instead of dissecting the provisions, effects and the implications of the RHB, we are treated to tabloid propaganda from people who are supposed to be respectable.  When a misconstruction is deliberate and done with malice, it is a prevarication. Irony of ironies, who recently wrote about lying?

Ang tanda niyo na po, Oscar. Get out of the new road if you don’t want to help.


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