A slightly sober digest of last week…NOT

JAPAN Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster. Scroll down for links to Institutions you can donate to. Donations and volunteerism fuel rescue operations, not prayers.  For the Pinoys, Red Cross is accepting donations via telecoms. Japan is a rich country but they could use a little help right now with rescue operations. “Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.”

This week is all about Japan and Women. The Roman Catholic Church tried to make it about their big crosses and righteous indignation. 

Some religious nuts went out of their way to relate the passage of the RH Bill to tectonic plate movements, prompting a response here from yours truly.

March 8 was the International Women’s Day. Various groups marked the day by marching for the passage of a reproductive health bill. More pics or it didn’t happen. Female CBCP fans are unappreciative for no hot very male Pinoy slipped into a pair of stilettos like double O here. Maybe next year we could ask Papa Piolo.

The next day, the Roman Catholic Church does something useful for women. They made a big ass cross because crosses need to be gigantic just in case you missed the point about the Catholic Church being an institution where women can only be peons and where suffering is a requirement.

If you absotively-posilutely need proof how some religious people are out of touch with reality, go here. It’s a call for rationality from the other side but brother, when all you have are claims and zero evidence you’re missing the rationality point. The same could be said when you preach to people to have seven more children on P100 daily income.

Here’s a perspective from an Ayala Alabang resident on the ordinance f*ck-up. Poch Suzara has something to say on religious people of the filthy rich kind. Toughen up if you’re a religious filthy rich socialist-programs hater and curious as to who this Suzara figure is.

Celdran apologizes to the CBCP and the Church who follows the ever loving teachings of Jesus Christ – to turn one’s cheek, forgive and forget, let God the Father deal when the rapture comes – didn’t drop the case. Celdran hasn’t made a 180.

The best of the best this week comes from the CBCP (doesn’t it always?): a scripted ad that created an epic shitstorm. The CBCP fans manned the comment section to defend the CBCP’s virtue against GMANEWS and those evil pro-RH proponents who are not true Catholics. How dare GMANEWS deliver slanted news; one can tell it’s slanted by reading the headline!

CHRIST. Eliminate the population! Commence Silent but Deadly Fart launch in 3, 2, 1...



Last Wednesday people painted their foreheads as a reminder that they are going to die or that evolution is false and man came from dust – whatever that means. A couple of weeks from now we’re going to see men getting nailed to the cross because Jesus died for their sins, but they have to do some self-damage as penance because they might go to hell and they don’t really believe Jesus. Welcome to Lent. People need a season to be (extra) good. O Rationality Rationality, wherefore art thou, Rationality?

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