Failure to Communicate

This is one of the reasons why we can’t have more  light humor on this blog.

Atty. Sison, seasoned in real life trolling tactics, claims he has “yet to receive from its advocates and supporters a point by point refutation” aside of course from three?four? paragraphs long summary or teeny distortions of  most pro-RH arguments which is 40% of the written material. Semantics is everything. Arguments what arguments?

Then he pimps Joffre Balce’s 10 points, which is hilarious (I give you that) but lacks a touch of reality so characteristic of the pro-fetus camp. Did I mention it lacks a certain touch of reality?

This is my problem with a lot of the pro-fetuses: they are out of touch with reality. They don’t agree with actual studies, meta-analysis of economic histories or objective reasoning because medieval and wishful thinking are the ways to go. They’d rather make problems of imaginary and least likely scenarios (like demographic winter) than deal with the problems slapping them in the faces. It so much easier not to think about it.

And how convenient it is to have shorthand versions that delivers the complexity of ideas in its entirety when they are forced to think about it? Instead of “fast population growth and slower economic growth exacerbate economic problems – evidence here” we get “population is the enemy.” Instead of “women want to control their childbearing – statistics here” we get “people want to do what they want.” Instead of “fertility control will prevent families from going under the poverty threshold; high correlation of poverty and increasing family size – studies here” we get “defenseless poor people are blamed.” And some of them think this is perfectly acceptable and rational. God, if you exist, please consider redesigning brains.

Why are Pinoys so addicted to distilled ideas? Are Pinoys that dumb? Do people misrepresent on purpose – lie – about potentially life-saving, life-changing information – but of course not!  These people are True Catholics; they’d never purposely misrepresent.

A twist of irony that Sison missed: he pimped the writings of  a Filipino Australian-based pro-fetus whose immune system may not survive the Pinoy brand of one star accommodations. The man is arguing against reproductive health programs while making his living in a first-world country that has long been reaping from its benefits.


ETA: was less ranty and adddressed Atty. Sison’s March 11 post. We’ll see if Atty. Sison picks up on this.


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