1956: The Church and the mandatory Damaso

In the 1950’s when the Church wasn’t waging war over women’s uterus much, it occupied itself by equating mandated Rizal courses to the collapse of moral fibre. It’s ages ago but I’m sure you can imagine the Church’s butthurt over required reading of something so unflattering that although they’re as Pinoy as they can get with Rizal, they’re allergic to his Noli and Fili. Yes, boys and girls; you almost didn’t get to know Padre Damaso and other charming priests like Salvi, Irene and Camorra because the Church was afraid it’ll destroy your faith in god.

Due to some fluke, the Philippine chapter of the Vatican Monarchy malfunctioned or Congress achieved a state of sanity to pass Republic Act 1425, which made the Rizal courses mandatory and Damaso a household name.

Show more appreciation for Rizal, folks!

THE CHURCH UNDER ATTACK May 5, 1956 There is a new outburst of anti-clericalism as Catholic politicians denounce the Catholic hierarchy’s opposition to the bill requiring Filipino students to read the two controversial novels of Rizal By Teodoro M. Locsin Staff Member NOT for a long time has the Catholic Church, or, at any rate, the Catholic hierarchy in the Philippines, been subjected to such attacks as it has for the last two weeks. Archbishops …

Read via The Philippines Free Press Online

LOLWTFBBQ. Yours truly saw Elizabeth Angsioco’s piece on the birth of Rizal course hours after posting, which is inspired by Locsin’s piece.

‘‘The church always wins,” said Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales. This statement speaks volumes about how powerful the Catholic hierarchy regards itself to be. History, however, proves this statement as UNTRUE…

Read via The Manila Standard Today

Which prompted for more googling: Michael Tan wrote an RH/Rizal theme first last year.

A few weeks ago, some Catholic bishops began to threaten Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III that they would not back his presidential candidacy if he continued to support legislation in Congress that would allocate government money for reproductive health (RH) services. One bishop even suggested mobilizing Catholics to vote as a bloc and, presumably, stop Noynoy from becoming president…

Read via The Inquirer

Of course if you need more Rizal, Ambeth Ocampo is the go-to guy.

With more blips on the Phil. Chapter of the Vatican Monarchy – Church keeps forgetting to lambast Willy’s parade of half-clothed women – and the more than 70% of Filipinos favoring the bill’s passing, we may get Filipino’s uterus a couple of feet away from the RCC’s clutches.


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