Today’s Definition of Evil

My dad said last Monday evening that the reason why the Philippines does not experience terrible disasters like what happened in Japan is because “Malakas daw tayo kay Lord.” [We are Lord’s favorite.]

Goddamn it. They know I’m an atheist and they hate it so much when I’m talking shit about their church and all other religions. My mom even talked to me about how I disrespect them for talking against churches and religions but look! Look how insensitive they are. I mean seriously, where the f*ck is this god ‘cos I surely want to beat the sense out of that motherf*cker.

I know it’s cheap to talk about parents on cyberspace but god… I don’t know where to rant anymore. My two bestfriends are going through tough times today and I don’t want to add more to their problems. And one of them is extremely religious. I’m the only atheist here in my family. They don’t take me seriously because I have nothing to prove anyway but was I wrong for seriously hating religions.

I still remember my mom’s comment when a tsunami hit Phuket. She said it’s because they don’t believe in Jesus. Isn’t that more disrespectful? Am I the bad person here? Is this how the world goes today? The good ones are those who believe in Jesus and the disrespectful evil dogs are those who are sensitive enough not to use any gods’ name whenever a disaster strikes? The righteous ones are those who will use disasters as an opportunity to evangelise and shove their religions in people’s throat?

Seriously, am I evil? They know I’m  member of a humanist organization. And they were seriously offended when I commented one time that churches are only after the money of their members. My mom talked to me about it and questioned me if my organization does not use money? I said, we do but it goes to something beneficial. And she replied back by telling me “Same goes to the church. The church believes that the way to reach to the people is through evangelization.”

So let me get the picture, I’m disrespecting them for being against indoctrination and religion while they respect me by not hitting back an organization I belong to? An organization that feeds people, children, and helping other humanitarian organizations? Let’s be real here, if you give a kid a meal, that kid will have enough energy to go through the day but if you read them John 3:16 for the whole day, what would happen to him?

Freaking answer: “If he died at least he accepted JC and will go to heaven and have an eternal life.”

Fuck it! I say, fuck it! That’s a stupid answer. Now if you will bring them some food while evangelising, IT’S THE SAME. It’s still shit! You are just using the opportunity to find an opening and grab their throats then press them to the wall and tell them, “Accept Jesus or go to hell!”

Evangelization is the biggest bullshit there is! It’s a program designed to brainwash people for creating an organized religion, then eventually create an organized community that will monopolized the industry. Not a conspiracy theory, it’s actually happening now!

Fine example: Iglesia ni Cristo. They’re almost everywhere today. Cooperating with huge businesses and the government to hire their members. Promising that they will not join any protest against those corporations. Promising solid votes for politicians if they will just follow.

Another example: Evangelical Christians. How do you think Piolo Pascual got away with an album? Why incompetent and untalented people get jobs while the talented ones will usually go to other countries to find one? It’s because of religion. Religion is a mafia. Their businesses, their people. Want to have a job? Apply in their nearest office – er.. church.

Tell them about it and they will find it offensive. Because they’re fucking hypocrites. They can’t accept their own actions. They know it’s wrong but put a magic ingredient into it called Jesus and voila! It’s righteousness at its finest!


Penny for your thoughts?

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