Deceitful God?

If there is a god, I believe that it would be a moral and just god. A god that is not genocidal, infanticidal, racist, sexist, petty and tyrannical. A god that does not order people to kill in his name, that does not condone stoning of girls who are no longer a virgin when married, a god that does not condone slavery, child molestation and rape. A god that does not treat women like property. A god that does not say gays, shrimps and crabs are an abomination. A god guilty of these traits is not worthy of worship and admiration. If there is a god, he wouldn’t be a book based god. A god that ignorant people created 4000 years ago to make sense of the world around them and to justify their own prejudice. Most importantly, if there is a god, this god wouldn’t be a deceitful god.

Looking up in the night sky with a powerful enough telescope you’ll see that those dots are stars just like our sun and beyond those stars are even more bright dots which are galaxies like our milky way galaxy. If god exists, he created those beautiful bright stars and galaxies and he wants you to know about them and learn about them.

beyond the stars

If you look at the galaxies with a powerful enough telescope you will learn that the galaxies are accelerating away from us. The universe is expanding and the distance between the galaxies will be so far that the sky of the future Earth will be darker and humans will be ignorant about the galaxies outside of their own. The cosmic microwave background discovered by astronomers and physicists is the irrefutable proof that a big cosmic explosion happened. If there is a god, he created this universe and this is how he works

Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe

The distance between stars is so enormous that it takes light years to reach our eyes. And the oldest light that we were able to detect is 13 billion years old. It shows that the universe is at least 13 billion years old, not 6000 years old. Get over it and accept it. This is the truth. If god exists, then this is how he works.

Looking at outer space you’ll see how gravity makes sense of the chaos.  You’ll see gas and debris spiraling towards the gravitational center of its own mass to birth a star. Astronomers and physicists have also seen the chaotic power of a black hole that can devour entire galaxies. They have also witnessed the collision of two galaxies. If there is a god, that is how he works.

embryonic star

black hole

galaxy collision

Radiometric age dating shows that the Earth is at least 4 billion years old, not 6000 years old. And its formation definitely took longer than 6 days. Fossil records shows us the extinct species that once dominated Earth 2 million years ago that is not written in any of the holy books and will make you question all the creation myths. If there is a god, then he created Earth and its creatures, and this is how he works.

Reptile-bird transitional fossils


If there ever is a god, he would be a powerful one, the one who’s behind the world/universe/nature as it is, and as science sees it. If there is a god, then this god created the universe. Look at it. Learn about it. This god would want you to admire and learn of his creation and how he created it. If god exists then he gave us this brain to use it.

Before you call something a miracle, you should first understand the science, and second, investigate it properly. It’s sad that so many people attribute things and events they can’t explain to a sky daddy simply because they do not understand the science behind them. And if there is no current scientific, logical explanation, then that simply means it hasn’t been discovered yet. If there is a gap in science the default answer is not “god did it” like many religion will say. It is a logical fallacy. If A is wrong it doesn’t make B automatically the answer.

You should always strive for the scientific truth however disappointing it is because your god is not a deceitful god. If hypothetically we managed to drill a hole through the Moon and it turns out that its core is made of cheese then by golly freakin’ believe it, because it is the truth and that is how god works. I’m not saying that it is made of cheese. What I’m saying is that the universe will come out the way it is, the way your god intended it to be, not what you would like it to be, when you open your mind and try to learn about it. Accept the truth. Do not be afraid of the truth. If there is a god, he is not a deceitful god.


3 thoughts on “Deceitful God?

  1. science is the way to the truth. not through an old book that claims to know how god and the universe works. if there is a god, science can show us a glimpse of god’s mind. science can reveal to us the TRUE god, if there is any.

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