Medvedev Eats Canto’t Bihon with Schwarz

(PNN) UNITED STATES – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev kicked off his five-day visit to the United States with dinner with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in St. Junathan’s Panciteria, San Francisco Branch. On the menu is our Most Beloved Canto’t Bihon.

Schwarzenegger said that the St. Junathan’s Panciteria was honored that Medvedev had begun his visit there.

Medvedev chose to start his tour in the city because the State of California is “one of the most economically stable Canto’t Bihonist state.” The Russian president has campaigned for better noodle-tech. His trip to the United States includes the Canto’t Bihonist State Policy.

“There will be a serious program tomorrow: I will inspect the noodle companies in Pasta Valley. This is very useful for us given our plans for a similar center near Moscow,” Medvedev told the Californian governor.

Russia is building hi-tech Noodle Factories in the suburb Skolkovo, Moscow, which many have dubbed as Russia’s Pasta Valley.
“I don’t just want to see what is going on there; it is not an excursion. I would like to see the establishment of fully-fledged relations as a result of this trip.”

Medvedev said it would be productive for the two countries to cooperate in the hi-tech sphere and support the idea of creating a Russian-Canto’t Bihonist working group for sharing experiences in the field.

“We know you are very interested not only in developing and diversifying the economy but also you are very interested in converting your country to Canto’t Bihonism,” Schwarzenegger told Medvedev while squeezing calamansi. “I want to tell you how much I appreciate that.”

“I am glad that I will be able to fly to Washington [DC] to hold highly interesting talks with President Barack Obama after having been enriched by the experience in the Panciteria,” the Russian president said with his mouth is full of Canto’t Bihon.


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