Catholic Supremacy in the Philippines

I find it ridiculous that Catholics are given special treatment by society here in the Philippines. They seem to be unaware of this excessive privilege that they happily enjoy. This privilege has helped them in subtle ways that has led to the discrimination, oppression and marginalization of non-Catholics.

As soon as you question their beliefs or express a belief that is opposite to theirs they’ll quickly play as the ultimate victim and say that they are being oppressed. Sadly, authorities will most likely agree with them and people will see it as taboo. They’ll ask you to be respectful of their traditions or beliefs and yet they believe they’re not being disrespectful to call others as Satan or immoral if someone disagrees with them.

This hypocrisy is regularly demonstrated by no other than the CBCP. Archbishop Oscar Cruz said, “Here comes the son who is anti-Christian”, as a response to President Aquino’s speech that expresses his decision to pass the RH Bill, just because he respects the rights and beliefs of non-Catholic CITIZENS. They’re arrogant enough to label anyone who disagrees with them as immoral and “unchrist-like” as if being non-catholic by default makes you an immoral person and as if their religion is the only religion. They’ve been accustomed to this special treatment that they’re shocked when their religion is treated equally as other religions.

The media has been giving the CBCP a lot of airtime to express their opinion, but not the representatives of other religious sects. Catholics don’t have to worry that their beliefs and traditions are not well represented by the media, while no one seems to care what the minority religions have to say. The Philippines is a secular country and NOT a catholic nation. It has no official religion and it is in our constitution that no religion shall be discriminated or be prefered, yet government employees parade their religion. Even our Philippine money has a Bible verse on it. These are just the tip of the iceberg of how our society discriminates in favor of catholicism.

As part of the minority group, I frequently think about the way society discriminates in favor of the majority group. We constantly have to be aware of how our actions will be seen by this majority group. The majority group, on the other hand, can freely express theirs. They can happily run around screaming “Jesus is god, you’ll go to hell if you don’t believe in him” without being labeled as disrespectful. Yet if non-catholics would express his/her belief that is opposite to theirs, people will see it as an attack. They believe they’re on a higher moral ground and that they can just abuse other people of different beliefs just because they are the majority group.

Catholics here in the Philippines outnumber any other religion or belief. But it doesn’t give them the right to impose their will on the minority. You don’t get tell anybody to dress, walk and talk like you. The CBCP and some Catholics seem to think that they deserve this special treatment. Every religion should be equally treated and protected by our society. Being part of the majority group does not mean everything should be catered to your preferences. I find it unacceptible that Catholics can just tell minority groups to be considerate or polite of how they use the government for their religious agenda.

People should be aware that there are non-Catholic citizens in the Philippines. Be aware of what we, the minority group, have to go through because of Catholic supremacy/bullying here in the Philippines. Before you say your group is being treated unfairly, think again. You’re talking to someone who really knows what it’s like.

12 thoughts on “Catholic Supremacy in the Philippines

  1. the cracks are beginning to show thanks to technology. they’re crying foul and oppression are their means to stifle doubts within their ranks. they are still arrogant to think that they can still control the minds of their flock much less the readily available knowledge that bestirs such doubts and questions.

  2. Brilliant post! We have the same issue with Hindu fundamentalists in India who play victim and accuse us of not criticizing Islam and Christianity. They ignore all the relevant criticism and only tend to see the cases where the criticism is of their beliefs.

    • Thanks, Ajita. It’s their tactic to divert the discussion and to label you guys as the oppressor. It’s good to know that many people all over the world are fighting for secularism and science.

  3. I think it’s important for us to ensure that religion and politics don’t get mixed up any further. If they do…we can repeat history and that’s a terrible thing to do. Our number has to grow, and we should have a say in politics just as the chrisitans and other religious groups do. They get tax exempt status in America, while suckers like me are giving up over $10,000 per year in taxes with no healhtcare that doesn’t cost under $5000 per year and roads that are not maintained and beat up our cars. The scales are definitely tipped in religions favor. In the meantime, scientific breakthroughs and real solutions to human problems are ignored and prayed about instead of actually finding solutions to these problems. Why must it all be so complicated? Lets work on real live solutions, not faith bs that apparently hasn’t worked.

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