Atheism and Morality

For hundred of years, it has been said that if a man is an atheist, that person is cold-hearted, anarchist and immoral — in short, EVIL. And all those negative thinking about the atheists survived even today. Thanks to those god-believing hypocrites that they know alone what is morally right or wrong.

But as time changes, with the help of modern technology like the internet, many people of today start to understand atheism and its long bittersweet history. With that, the negative perception about atheism is slowly fading away. Many people starts to understand that, atheism is not just not believing or a lack of belief in an existing god, but it is also all about freedom. Freedom from hypocrisy, superstitions, blind obedience and religious moral control.

While many of those god-believers still insist that atheism is a ridiculous belief and with no moral values, they forgot to add up in their minds that, morality is a natural phenomenon that evolves as man also evolves. It has been studied by evolutionary biologists and psychologists that man itself knows what is right or wrong through experiences in life. But still, man also has the ability as the highest form of all the species, to decide to himself when it is a right thing or not.

Religion is not always a guarantee for morality. For instance, violence and wars are the norm as much as religion is. According to religious moral beliefs like Christian beliefs, violence and war are both immoral, due to its capability to destroy not just properties, cities or countries but also human lives. But do these people ever think of it is moral whenever they declare war on those people whom they believe is opposed to their belief systems? Probably their thinking is more like it is morally right to eliminate those who oppose them to cleanse the place of infidels through blood.

We need to understand that not all theists are immoral. I knew many god-believers who are the least moral in my point of view. We should all understand that men in general, have their own sense of morality. Believing in a god or having a religion does not always mean knowing what is right. Right?

Moral values is not just for those who believe in a god. As a species with the ability to comprehend, reason and justify, humans can define and justify their morality in accordance to what they do believe is right even though it is not.

Atheism too has its own moral values, the only difference is that, atheist moral values are not based on a  rigid set of religious standards. They exercise freedom to decide what moral values sees fit for an atheist, deriving from different aspects of morality from other beliefs. That’s the freedom and flexibility an atheist enjoys in regards to defining morality.

An ordinary atheist can comprehend in itself and justify if it is morally correct  using the power of logical reasoning, rather than sticking to religious explanations about morality alone.

Let me give you an example: Abortion. Everyone who respects life knows that an irresponsible aborting of an innocent life is immoral. But, if a mother’s life is in danger and abortion is the only way to save her life, is abortion still immoral? As for those religious people, I don’t know what would be their answer. But if they’ll ever ask me, an atheist, the act is moral, because it still saves a life, the life of the mother who is threatened by her dangerous pregnancy.

Eupraxsophy, coined by Paul Kurtz, is a nonreligious life stance emphasizing the importance of living ethically by relying on rational methods such as logic, observation and science, rather than faith, mysticism and revelation – a practical analysis of moral philosophy similar to Science of Morality – as his base for his own moral definition and judgment.

That’s what an atheist always does. An atheist balances the issue, reasons logically and justifies a moral issue in accordance to their own definition of what morality is. An atheist can derive answers to moral questions not only through holy books like the Bible, unlike those who believe that god alone knows what morality is and blindly follow those religious authorities about moral issues at hand.

Atheist moral values has flexibility and freedom. If theists only understand atheism they too can learn more things. If they could only open up their minds and not prejudice against atheism, I’m pretty sure, they will see things in different ways than seeing alone through the eyes of their so called religion.


19 thoughts on “Atheism and Morality

  1. those two kids are so cute! can I have them?

    morality is for every individual and not for religious alone.. :)

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  3. “But do these people ever think of it is moral whenever they declare war on those people whom they believe is opposed to their belief systems? ”

    i don’t think so. JIHAD, my good man! those who hasn’t interacted with people of different faith are assholes to others.

  4. “cold-hearted, anarchist and immoral ” – Its not that atheists are cold hearted. Its just that without absolute morality, any ‘evil’ can be rationalised and justified (and often is)

  5. As long atheists dont believe in God and to his son Jesus Christ, they atheists will never know the true difference between right or wrong. So what more about morality?!

    • so buddhists, jews, muslims and hindus don’t have morality? clearly, you are the one who has no idea of what morality is.

      • I think, Chosen One only reacts just to say something without reading the article first.. Or may be he is only looking for attention just like my good friend Rey “Ricky” Martin… ^_^

      • i was slapped while reading your reason that atheism is all about freedom, Freedom from hypocrisy, superstitions, blind obedience and religious moral control. even Jesus dont want religion. in fact He came to put an end to religion. its not religion He want to build but relationship with us. and just like what you want, Jesus also want us to have freedom that’s why He has given us our right minds to discern good from bad. He give us freedom to choose Him or not, He dont force us, He loves us. whatever we do God will always be loving us. so everyone in his right mind can choose what is good and what is not.

      • He dont force us, He loves us.

        Explanation for eternal hell for disbelievers. Consistency please.

      • @christine dianne: I’m sorry if its a slap, but truth hurts right? and Its not just a slap, it kick butt! ^_^
        Jesus dont want religion? and he want to end religion? I dont think so,actualy Jesus didnt end religion.. he created a new one as what the Bible states in Jesus mouth he said:”Therefore go and make disciple of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I commanded you..” Mat.28:19-20,thats a creation of a-

      • – of a new religion as what I stated above. and thats not it, Jesus also wants to enforce full obedience to all his commandments to his disciples. I see no freedom in there but hypocracy, superstitious, blind obedience and religious moral control, and he want to force it in every man who will be baptized in his name(trinity). And thats the whole truth about it..

  6. As I checked all the comments posted on this article, I observed that this Chosen One follows my posts.. I dont want to speculate but I cant help it.. Is Chosen One a fan of mine? hehehe!

  7. I’m a Gnostic Christian, but I accept the fact that morality in its sense comes from our own disposition in life and not from any religious entity. This is compatible on how we Gnostics define morality, so I approve on this one.

    Five and a half STARS for you my once Gnostic friend!

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