The Sapient

‘Tis said ’twas Eden’s curse

Wooed the woman

With its philtred call

“Eat from the center tree

“Its fruit shall make you see


And see they did, and knew

Least that part was nothing new

Obviously, for they ate of the Knowledge Tree


But as for its advertized harm

which was so direly underscored

Testament to Serpent’s vision

Well, it was all a false alarm



as to be expected

with infractions of this sort

In council with the Creator

each took the witness stand



wimpy Adam squealed and tagged

wise Eve who deferred to

wily Serpent . . .


Whose testimony now bears recounting

as it was officially stricken from the record:

“Whence came this Tree and me?…


10 thoughts on “The Sapient

  1. “Wimpy Adam squealed”, indeed. Adam couldn’t take responsibility, so he blames Eve. `God` took cues from Adam’s fingerpointing and blamed the humans when he was the one who put the dang Tree in the first place.

    Then, humans up the level by blaming and scapegoating on Jesus. hahaha!

  2. like a parent putting a poison near his/her child then asking the child not to eat it. who’s to blame if the child ate the poison?

  3. God made humans with the ability to make a choice and that’s what happened in that scenario. Adam and Eve CHOSE to eat the forbidden fruit. It’s their decision.

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