Weapons of Mass Erection?…NOT!

Rep. Irwin Tieng and Mariano Michael Velarde are trying to pass the House Bill 4509 which will prohibit the distribution or intent to distribute, sale or resale and production of sex toys.

“The influence of obscene devices designed primarily for the physical stimulation of human genitals may seem unnoticed. The proliferation of these obscene devices which are insensitively and openly displayed in shops or stalls are very alarming. The public, especially minors, being exposed to these obscenities may suffer disturbing effects and could trigger sexually impure ideas,” said Tieng.

But before they shove this bill to our faces, where is the link between sex toys and the rise in sexual criminal cases? Are dildo-armed rapists out there on the prowl? They seem to be fond of making laws out of baseless claims. The bill’s philosophy is not based on any research or scientific study, just the guesswork of dogmatic hypocrites. This problem with sex toys they’re citing is a myth. These incompetent politicians just have nothing better to do than to exert their personal bias upon the people.

If this bill gets passed, then it is as equally hypocritical as not banning alcohol, cigarettes and firearms. It is also as hypocritical as not censoring nudity, sex scenes and ‘sexy attires’ in magazines, billboards, movies and internet. The only philosophy of this bill is sex toys are more obscene than guns and naked tits and ass.

And who is to say what constitutes a sex toy, sexually obscene device or a phallic device?

"That's a back massager, Mr. Officer. I swear!"

"No, Mr. Officer, it's a floatation device!"

"Now, Mr. Irwin Tieng, that's what's for dinner!"

"We're also an electronics store, Mr. Officer...and yes they vibrate ;)"

A free person should have the right to make their own decision to explore their sexual freedom outside what some pompous politician says is moral. What people do with their genitals and whatever kinky activity they want to do in the privacy of their own homes is none of the government’s concern. As long as these sex toys aren’t hurting anyone and are enhancing the sexual experiences of people, sex toys are here to stay. House Bill 4509 is unnecessary and useless. Besides, what would the bishops buy for their exchange gifts when Christmas comes along?


14 thoughts on “Weapons of Mass Erection?…NOT!

      • reposting/rehashing a comment of mine in the Sandbox:
        Before the Spanish colonization, our ancestors had sex toys. This bill is anti-Filipino. Hahaha! It feels so good to use that “anti Filipino” term.

  1. I stand erected! Nice one, Secular Burger! ^^

    What the hell do they care about others personal sex lives and their sexual adventures? I bet he uses lotion or KY jelly to do his thing. Ban any type of lotion or KY jelly then. Hypocrites!

  2. “The public, especially minors, being exposed to these obscenities may suffer disturbing effects and could trigger sexually impure ideas.”: I leaned my head backwards and laughed upon reading this line. Sorry Ignorant Teng… I am exposed to sex toys but they never had disturbing effects. Sexual ideas are natural, everyone, even you, have it. How stupid can people get, passing this kind of bill? Stop minding our sex lives (unless of course it distract the society in general which obviously does not.)

  3. The country is 16 trillion dollars in debt and these clowns are worried about people buying sex toys. Really?? Are we being punked? Even most fundamentalists today accept that sex is not just for procreation, but enjoyment as well. It’s also highly ironic that any young child can see millions of graphic sexual pictures with a few keystrokes. Evidently they’re not very concerned about that, just whether their parents might enjoy a sex toy in the privacy of their bedroom., Good grief, I thought I heard it all.

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