The Need for People who Tell Atheists their Fly is Open

Dear Friends (who are my equals),

You and I don’t have any conflicts. Some people I know are not very fond of the people you know at the moment, but you and I don’t have any issues. I have some concerns about what you’re doing, but you can be assured when I write or speak of you, it’s not an attempt to drag you down. It’s just a friendly act of sprinkling drops of water on your face or if you want a more pleasant picture, this is me giving you a cup of coffee.

Plans are not shaped by fluff alone. It’s not obvious, but most of you need a working spine to accept and make criticisms. That might be the reason why you have been “in the zone” thinking your actions have been free from error until an outsider broke the spell. Yes, I’ve been reading Dennett. Unfortunately, you didn’t take this new light of information to improve your craft. You decided it’s comparable to the biological imperatives of the decapods crustaceans. If the godless such as we have the audacity to criticize and even badmouth religious institutions, I hope you realize how vital criticisms and dialogues are to grow a rainforest of potent and diverse ideas. Please remember religions abhor criticisms so much, they are willing to set fire the better, rival ideas this world has to offer. I could also talk about the communists, but let’s not go there. I could instead remind you of the atheist movements in the west that promote diversity and rigorous examinations of their thoughts and deeds. I hope that in the infancy of your movement, you will encourage the same and you will continuously practice that no matter how uncomfortable it becomes for you. We are all prone to big mistakes. Without people nasty enough to tell you your fly is open… well, you know what happens.

It seems I have joined the “envious” writers who critiqued your approach. I hope you will take it kindly or academically and use it to be more successful at your endeavor.

Best Regards

15 thoughts on “The Need for People who Tell Atheists their Fly is Open

    • Thanks, man. I’m kinda concerned they’re starting the “anti-criticism” routine. It’s a reaction that I hope won’t be a habitual bias.

  1. So you have something against the group as a whole not just the JP’s issue against the other groups?
    Correct me if I’m wrong though because it’s what I’ve understood about your article… Thanks ^_^***

    • I have nothing against the group as a whole. I thought I addressed that in the beginning. :)
      I only observed there is an almost unified reaction to reject any criticism or dissenting opinion. That to me is dangerous for any movement. Any armchair sociologist can tell you how bad Groupthink is. That’s the only concern of this letter, nothing else. Peace. :)

      • ^_^*** what is their to criticize by the way? ^_^*** I have read some articles against the group and the ones who founded the group, it’s all personal attacks too… Sad to hear, I also read of stealing others’ ideas… Please do enlighten me with this.. ^_^***

      • You’ll have it next week. Btw, it has nothing to do about working with shady characters and stealing projects. :)

  2. Constructive criticism should always be welcome if a person or organization is serious in improving, uplifting it’s brand. As usual a well thought piece coming from a well exercised brain of yours… Keep ’em coming ;)

    • I prefer a friend telling me where I fcked up when I begin a project than an enemy who tears it down when I get it rolling. Thanks! :D

  3. Well, atheism has always been more dogmatic and more paranoically close minded than theism. Atheism rests on its false and hypocritical assumption that it is for the freedom of thought, when in fact, it has already actually chained it self to the hatred of God and any thing that concerns Him. It is a self defeating and self immolating gesture which has no physical end but to fall and break into pieces.

    • Dogmatic? Right. Atheism is not actually a philosophy, but the by product of skepticism, secular humanism and science.
      False assumption? Right! Shamans claimed there is a god (or gods) who is so and so but has never really presented any evidence to back up their claims.
      Hatred of God? Right. Because Atheists don’t believe a bi-polar Sky Daddy exists. It’s actually the aversion of the idea of god, not god itself (if he exists).

      Who swallowed dogma (not based on any evidence) and forced others to accept it? It ain’t the atheists, Felmar. Here’s some reading for you:

      Thanks for stopping by. :)))

    • Hatred? Can you hate a lifeless green dragon lying in EDSA-kamuning that cause heavy traffic right now, Felmar?

      False assumptions? Anyone who can’t see the distinction between the two positions-that of the claimer and that of the skeptic has the mind of a child.

      • Mostly applies to atheists who act like religious fanatics who shield their thoughts and deeds from inquiry.

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