Dear Lord God

by Godless Classless and Free

Dear Lord God,

I pray that Filipinos build more housing, water systems, irrigation, schools, bridges, labs, stadiums, universities, toilets, septage, sewerage, and other spiritually edifying structures instead of building useless churches. I pray that Filipinos this Sunday will go to the movies, gyms, libraries, parks, malls, parties, rallies, museums, restaurants, beaches, operas, concerts, fairs, hotels, motels and other spiritually enriching places and events instead of attending Holy Mass to listen to the useless opinions of fascist Catholic idiots.

– Godless Classless and Free


12 thoughts on “Dear Lord God

    • You only have two thumbs, numbnut. Unless you cut them both then you got nothing except your tiny weiner down there.

  1. Dear God, please give us more great doctors, teachers, scientists and engineers than Fascist Catholic Priests.

  2. Dear God

    Every one is looking for you and you are nowhere to be found. Dear God, please come out from your hole and tell your faithfools that before they look for you, tell them that you are lost too and does not know how to get out from the place you do not even know how you got in.

    I have another prayer Dear God, this prayer comes from a dear friend Poch . I hope you will listen to this prayer because it reverberates your silliness and the silliness of your charlatans here on earth:

    Oh God, my dear God, – you do not have to forgive me. I know what I am doing. I know where I am going. If, however, I am to meet with you after death, I hope you will be together with your friend and great associate – Satan. I would really like to meet you and Satan. I have a few suggestions for you both to consider. Like on how to be more creative or constructive rather than just continue
    to be mutually insane and destructive especially
    in this world of human beings.

    To begin with, I’d like to suggest that you both need not forever be like two dumbstruck supernatural morons still so eager, still so hungry, to win more silly souls for yourselves. Why are you in desperate need for more silly souls? Do you eat them?

    Billions of silly souls are already in heaven and billions of silly souls are already in hell. Aren’t you both already sick and tired of silly souls here and silly souls there, and silly souls everywhere in your respective silly kingdoms?

    As for me and my silly soul. I don’t need it. I don’t want it. You can have it. Really, my dear God, my dear Satan, I ask: – what’s the big deal about silly souls that you both have not ceased screwing around with each other since time immemorial? Have either of you have nothing else better to do? huh?

    Cheers! Godless
    Poch Suzara

  3. Are you guys really non-believers? Why are you still so preoccupied with ‘god’? Even if your ‘prayer’ was satirical, it makes it appear that you still have many unresolved issues with your past religions and can’t let go yet. Come on guys, cut your umbilical cords already….. Atheist freedom wall nga, pero “Dear God” pa rin….. cheers!

    • I’m an atheist who believes in experimenting. Would you like to pray for a lottery winning without betting? Just to test the power of prayer.

      “Freedom Wall” nga. We can write whatever we want. (i.e. Dear Thor, you are hot.). :D

  4. Ang atheist freedom wall ba ay parating nagdedebunk ng existence ni God? Kala ko ba humanist kayo. Have respect for those fools, for the devoted. Encourage and motivate. Critical thinkers nga kayo, pero immature approach naman. Kung maka-debate parang end of the world na. Kaya hirap pag nilelabel ang sarili, nagiging sarado ang utak. Wala rin kayong pinagka-iba sa mga dine-debunk niyong believers of God, na dinedebunk ang mga katulad niyong naniniwala sa kakayahan ng tao maging astig.
    Nakakalungkot lang. Mag-iba man kayo ng paniniwala, or prinsipyo, ni hindi niyo magawa maging mabuting tao o citizens. Hanggang jan lang kayo, batikos ng batikos. Tulungan niyo na lang ang mga kasama niyong atheists na tumutulong sa community. Bakit hindi niyo gawin helpful ang sarili niyo sa lipunan, kung kayo rin naman ang nag-sabi na NASA TAO ANG LAHAT NG GAWA? Puro batikos, kaya nababatikos din.
    Sana dumating din naman ang araw na para rin kayong mga bakla. ALL OUT and ACCEPTED. Hanapin at magbigay muna kayo ng respeto.

    • You are barking at the wrong tree. CTF-HA is a Humanist association. We are WRITERS. How many times should we tell people that?

      And what made you think that joining rallies and community services is the ONLY way to make a difference? What makes you think that what you’re doing is going to make a SIGNIFICANT impact in our society?

      And why can’t we criticize anyone? Assuming that you yourself are one of us, then you know that nothing happens for a reason and the answer to your problem is simple. IGNORE the post.

      As for us criticizing our own kind, you can ridicule, mock, and criticize religion and the priests, why can’t we criticize you? We are in a free country. Haven’t your PATATAS group made a punching bag out of TAFW and CTF-HA for months? Your fucktard president started this war. Don’t cry foul. Go make a blog post criticizing us for all I care.

    • So magpakain ng lugaw sa mga pobreng bata at ibandera ang “GOOD WITHOUT GOD” na tarpaulin na mas mahal pa sa lugaw tapos kakain kayo sa mamahaling grill at bar–yan ba ang “TULONG SA COMMUNITY” na pinagmamalaki n’yo?

      You are nothing but a bunch of lunatic, publicity-hungry, attention whore fundamentalists!

      • stupid prick, you’re barking at the wrong tree. we’re a group of writers/bloggers here. this is not a humanitarian group. and the group you are referring to is not us. get your facts straight.

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