Do You Want to Know Why the Evolution Theory is Wrong and the Bible is Right?

by Rejell

The Evolution Theory is wrong. Adam was made of clay and his rib was transformed into Eve because of God’s love. The talking snake tempted Eve to eat the Forbidden Fruit. Then, God got angry and condemned them, right?

After that, God hated his creation and murdered them every now and then like drowning in a big flood, genocide and etc., if they will disobey his words. It should be noted God used Noah and Moses to spread his commands instead of Himself for reasons I don’t know. People might have obeyed his will if God himself instructed his people instead of making Noah and Moses look like crazy fools to everyone; maybe, people thought they were only joking that’s why the people never believed them. I’m wondering why God don’t show himself to many people as what he did to Noah and Moses. Have you asked yourself the reason why? The mass killing could have been prevented.

Allegedly, after a couple of centuries, God changed his mind after years of hating us and now he’s now a loving God. Jesus was born magically maybe from the union of Holy Spirit’s sperm and ovum of the Virgin Mary. The Son of God redeemed us. People again doubted Jesus if he is the Messiah, so he was laughed at and insulted by many. Again, if God showed himself instead of delegating his task to someone, people would have believed that Jesus is the real deal, but God didn’t. Why do you think God did not show himself? He didn’t want to prove his existence?

I always pray and I don’t see miracles. Could be my prayers are the wrong sort and God only chooses random people instead of showing himself to the masses? Is the ‘voice’ of Abraham, Noah or Moses the real voice of god or are they just hallucinating? Could it be the writers of the Bible jumped into the conclusion that what they’ve heard is the ‘real voice’ of God?

That’s the truth, whether you like it or not; that’s what really happened. You can’t ask why God could not show Himself to the masses and he will just send you to hell. He’s a loving God and he will not show himself to you. Just believe he’s with you, have faith, okay?

Almost every Christian sect claim they are the only “true Christians” on earth because their spirits were tested and they can’t be defeated in any debates, so that proves that they really are ‘true Christians’. Obviously, false Christians can’t enter the kingdom of heaven because their deeds denies their claims as true Christians.

The Evolution Theory is false. The theory is not very magical and it purports that thinking humans somehow will doubt god’s existence. Believers of science don’t have faith. All nonbelievers and false Christians will burn.

This sounds logical, therefore I conclude the Bible is authentic. It has no contradicting verses whatsoever. No explanation needed because its magical and rational in every sense. Case closed.


10 thoughts on “Do You Want to Know Why the Evolution Theory is Wrong and the Bible is Right?

    • Edward,

      I was able to read the article quite well. The grammatical errors were not so bad that I was unable to smoothly read it. I think you’re just being a troll and looking for things to complain about in an attempt to make yourself look smarter.

    • Pathetic. Typical of Filipinos. They are not digesting the content first but attack grammatical errors and spelling mishaps. I’ve seen this low-blow in many other Filipino blogs as if Filipinos has contingent in America’s Scripps National Spelling Bee and National Academic Decathlon. As to whyFilipinos like Edward has fascination on perpefeckt englsichtzes is beyond wrapping my brain around it. DUDE, LISTEN ! IT IS THE CONTENT . PERPEPEFECKT SPELLING AND ENGLSICHTZES DON’T MAKE A BLOGGER RIGHT SO ARE YOU !!!! the content is enlightening. Edward must be thoughting as he’s the best there is in englsichtzes.

    • I’ll just ride with you since I cannot make comments but can reply. The rant is funny disconnected but if you have enough IQ you can connect these two-and-two together into one coherent whole.

  1. When God said “Go out and Multiply” take cue of the word “multiply”. Google the word. See when Multiplication was discovered and who. Once you have the date, that is the time Jesus Christ and God was invented the very time when the Homo Sapiens are already fully developed.

  2. I’m not quiet sure about evolution myself. To pick the difference between God magically made Adam and Eve and methodical scientific musings, I WOULD PICK EVOLUTION !

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