The Great Bullshit Concept – God is a Bad Influence

I think the reason many people believe there’s a god is people have the need to be able to blame their problems on someone else. Let’s not forget Satan; by default, he is the one blamed when something bad happens.

On the other hand, having a god can be an excuse for repeatedly doing evil things. Once we know that there is a supreme being who is capable of forgiving our sins we will do whatever we want to do. It’s simple. Once you’ve done something immoral, all you need to do is pray and ask for forgiveness. Isn’t it great? Now that is where the bullshit plays a great role. What pisses me off, people spend Saturday nights partying, doing drugs, abusing women, etc., and come Sunday morning, they go ask for forgiveness. And they do it all again next week!

So I came up with this idea. I’m going to do whatever I want. Act like a total ass. Do everything that is morally wrong because all I have to do is ask for forgiveness for all my sins a moment before I die and I will be saved.

What a great concept. What a fucking bunch of bullshit.

9 thoughts on “The Great Bullshit Concept – God is a Bad Influence

  1. I always wondered what Christianity would be like without Satan, hell and all those “evil” entities to blame. Its followers will blame their god? Most likely…

  2. Firstly I want to say to Tene that I thank her for inviting me to comment and as a sign of goodwill I will answer as time and circumstance permits

    The first paragraph is quite strange, temptations as you know, comes and goes we all experience those things one way or another greed. pride and selfishness more or less we fall on those “sins”. You were given a choice, your choice of what kind of evil you want to take does anyone interfered with it? Does God suddenly appear and say “Hey you should not do that for it is a violation of my laws!”. Do the Devil comes and says “Hmmm this is good for you kid (with a smile)”. No this is not so, but you are left alone to freely choose which path you wish to take either to accept God or accept the evil :) So blaming somebody for your choices is really lame for you freely choose and you blame somebody for it :)

    I was reminded by a story in the Garden of Eden and it says

    “Now who told you to eat the forbidden fruit” God said

    Adam: Blame the woman who you put in this Garden

    Eve : No not me blame the snake that snake put me into this

    Snake : (cannot see anyone to blame) Ahhhh why did you do it girl Im only a lowly snake how should I know!?!? :)

    Eve seeing that she was duped by a snake ate the thing whole :)

    Everyday we see this things in our daily lives, there are laws that will say to you that do not cross a street without the pedestrian lanes on the road yet we are so hard headed that we cross streets without it. How about anti littering laws we always violate this laws or many of our citizens did but will we blame God for our faults or even the devil for it? The only one to be blamed is YOU. Specially if you are sideswiped by a car or even you see the your house flooded by the plastics that you throw in the canals haphazardly or even someone dies from that flood.

    Just why blame God for the wrong choices that you make in your life? It doesnt follow to the illustration that I gave above.

    As for the second paragraph was again to be defeated by my illustration above about the anti littering coz if I promised that I will not sin again and let me say try to do so for a a day or two and forgotten about it then you will have the same result so dont blame anybody for your transgressions for only you are the main culprit on your decisions. There is a difference always to those who are repentant and unrepentant “sinners” for unrepentant sinners always get their due and even the repentant ones are affected. But there are people who will change their lives for the better and this is true to many who are truly sincere of their repentance. The thing is why should we focus on to those unrepentant but not to those who repents there are many out there. I recently been told by a priest who have been visited by a lady for consultation for her bf wants her to abort the baby. The priest told her that your bf never loved you at all because if he loves you he will own his responsibility to the child and what will happen after she aborts the child most likely he will abandon her like most does :) She promised the priest that she will never abort the child as her bf wants and will keep it and own her faults for this is the only way, the child has no sin on coming in this world except that two consenting adults whose morality is so low they never even thought of the consequence of what theyre doing and more so the irresponsibility of the bf to kill an unborn child for his greedy ends.

    As for the last paragraph that is a big IF :) To tell you a story recently two teenage boys died on a motorcycle accident one of the boys whose head was hacked to its body and was never seen again coz of the drag. That is a big IF you can still repent on your deathbed and that is also IF you know when are you going to die :) Unless as an atheist you believe on precognition and clairvoyance which I know that you didnt believe at all :)

    ( What a great concept. What a fucking bunch of bullshit. )

    Yup that is what your opinion says and your right there are a lot up there :)

    • It is accepted that everyone has the right to express their own opinions, but, therefore.. My opinion is your opinion is full of bullshit. Wasted my time reading your comment. It is full of nonsense, and why the hell do people still believe in talking serpents, a rib woman and everything written in your favorite kiddie book. If your god was able to create the world how can he not find a talking snake? How is he not aware of the absolute truth? He’s supposed to be a god right?

      It is evident that the information shown to us by the “BIBLE” is quite vague, prone on being misinterpreted by religious fanatics themselves, partly caused by the bias, the brainwash and the cultural association of religion into the society which had greatly affected, hence became part of the worlds norms in diversity.

      Genocide,Infanticide,Incest,Greed,Rape,Homophobia,Discrimination, etc
      some examples of your bible’s morality..

      Christians do things for the fear of punishment, and for the hope of the coming, the paradise, okay not in a sexual way though, but okay think of the 72 virgins, why the hell would someone like to have 72 virgins? they don even know what are they gonna do ? and Achmed the failed suicide bomber is not even sure if these virgins he’s salivating for are women, or kids? oh you know they like them young. :)

      People live, People die.. and your god has nothing to do about it.. It has sickened me when one of my pastor friends implied that japan was punished by your god because they are worshiping the wrong god. How pathetic is that? and based on my experience , Jesus Freaks are one of the most judgmental schizo hypocrites that I have ever met my whole life. oh yeah baby ;) oh yeah :D

      ( What a great concept. What a fucking bunch of bullshit. )
      indeed son, cheers mate GODBLESS :)

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