The Great Bullshit Concept – God is Good All the Time

I guess individuals need a God or a religion because they don’t have the power to believe in themselves. People have changed from giving themselves and others credit for their own accomplishments to relating everything good that happens to them to god. It’s not like a god would care about a stupid football game.

With the concept of god, people forget to give thanks or give credit to others. I find it disturbing when a man will thank the god he has never seen nor met for a meal he is about to eat, but he will not thank the man who prepared the meal. You’ll see the same things in hospitals. After the Doctor saves the life of a patient, families and friends often give the credit to God, “Thank God”, “God is great”, “God really works in mysterious ways blah blah blah blah…”

God is often given credit for many things. Not only he is given the credit but God always wins by default. When someone doesn’t die in an accident, people say “God saved his life”, but if they die, none say “God killed him”. Huh!? Who did then? Satan? Well, fuck you!

God remains as the most valuable among man’s inventions and the fundies make profit out of it without much investment.

 “Life is hard, and it’s harder when you’re stupid.” – John Wayne

4 thoughts on “The Great Bullshit Concept – God is Good All the Time

  1. William Dembski has authored a book entitled no “Free Lunch” consider the ff: we don’t know what gods are composed of, we don’t know what gods attributes are, we don’t know how many gods there are, we don’t know where gods are. We don’t know where gods come from or, alternately, how it is possible for them to always exist. We don’t know what mechanisms gods use to create or change anything. We don’t know what the “supernatural” is, nor how it is capable of interacting with the natural world. In other words, we know absolutely nothing about gods – yet at least one god is often given credit for many things.

  2. This reminds me of a Nat Geo special; “Inside: North Korea”. The mission was, to give a few North Koreans free eye treatments. The mission was funded by foreign countries. They even had to bring their own medical supplies and equipment, heck, even their own generator. But after all the cataracts had been removed, and the people were able to see again, the North Koreans thanked and somewhat worshiped Kim Jung Il and his dead father, Kim Il Sung for the medical mission. Unbelievable.

    Lisa Lang went on to say that there’s a fine line between faith and fear. And she doesn’t know if the people are just putting on a show just to please their lunatic leader.

    My mum always says: “Learn to say ‘thank you’ to “G”od’s blessings so he won’t take everything away from you”. — If only I can tell her straight up that her gratitude is not genuine. She’s only doing it for fear that she might be punished by a lunatic non-existent “G”od.

  3. You’re all missing the point.

    According to the first commandment, God is the only legitimate lawmaker; and the only legitimate laws, are God’s laws.

    What does this mean? That God actually exists? No. It just means that anybody else claiming to be a legitimate lawmaker and inventing his own new laws, is an impostor. So, the claim does not say that God exists, but it does indeed say that people who recognize congresses, parliaments, and other national assemblies as lawmakers, and their inventions as laws, are godless pagans.

    ”Life is hard, and it’s harder when you’re stupid.” Entirely true. Now the question remains who is the most stupid of both: Someone who believes that there is only thing, that has the authority to restrict his freedom, that is, a thing that may not even exist, or someone who frankly believes that he should obey to the self-serving whims and other invented harassments of a bunch of assembled idiots — politicians — calling themselves a parliament or a congress?

    While we are the slaves of a master that may not even exist, you have chosen to be the slaves of the most corrupt politicians ever seen in the history of mankind.

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