The Sad Filipino Reality

Yesterday marked the first year of Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s presidency.

In last year’s SONA, President Noynoy pointed out the problems his administration has inherited from the Arroyo government and how he plans to put solutions to these problems. He also claimed Filipinos can dream again. One year has passed since we tasked Noynoy to run our government and country. Most of us are somewhat optimistic that the next one would be a better leader and will make this country great once again.

When President Noynoy took office, many of us who did not vote for him still supported his plans, and held on to his promise that he will bring us to the Straight Path (“Daang Matuwid“).

It’s obvious that the theme of his anniversary speech today is the same as the first SONA. His focus is on blaming the past Arroyo administration for the problems the Philippines still facing today. He still doesn’t have a concrete solution how to ease the burden of his people he calls his boss.

This is the sad reality of how Filipinos vote. We tend not to use our right to vote intelligently or seriously. Until now, many of us still have the tendency of voting the most popular candidate because he or she is a celebrity, an athlete, an old politician, or from a known political family.

We Filipinos had the chance to vote for the best people for the right job, but we blew it again. It’s sad to know that we Filipinos are not yet that mature in terms of giving his/her vote to the people who will to lead our country to progress. We Filipinos chose our leaders, chose the path of suffering for another 3 to 6 years. Tsk!

All of us must learn to know our candidates, their past, who they really are when the cameras are not around or what have they done for the good of our people (not just building this road and that road, or changing street names.) We should not just vote for that person to help us with our vengeance for some injustice. We should learn to vote for the right person who has the best plan to run the government and best interests for our country.


13 thoughts on “The Sad Filipino Reality

      • That’s the Filipino way – pointing fingers, blaming others for their misfortune. Heck even a non-existent Satan gets blamed. >=/

  1. Knowing the ONLY proper role of the government in the life of the individual is very important if we want change and stop corruptions. What is that ONLY proper role or function? The protection and preservation of individual rights, its free activities of living and pursuing happiness. The people who man our state should only act as a security guard and NOT a provider of necessities and needs. An institution of force and coercion (guns and laws) acting as a charity is immoral. That is the whole idea that majority of us must realized if we want radical change.

  2. In this post: People who are fucking expecting too much from a president who is just sitting in the top post for just one year. hurr durr. Jesus H. Christ, give him the benefit of the doubt for once. Only 1 year has past, and it’s expected that he hasn’t done much because IMO, he’s still adjusting to his duties. Yes he hasn’t done much, and he has flaws here and there, but that won’t determine whether or not he is good or not overall;he is new to the job after all. Give him some more time. Who knows, he might actually pull off something good out of his sleeve later on.

    He still has 5 years to go and I do think he could change how things work in this country. Otherwise, let’s be a bit more smarter when it comes to choosing our candidates.

    …and to think I’m not a noynoy supporter. HURR.

    • IMO, progress can be achieved through team work – a good leader and determined subordinates.

      Being too forgiving for his failure to accomplish anything significant in his first year in office as our president just goes to show how low some of our fellow Filipinos’ standards are.

      You are too forgiving my friend. This is the president we’re talking about and a year is more than enough to do something significant. He is a public servant. If this happens in a regular workplace, I doubt he’d last a year.

      He is a staunch critic of PGMA, he should deliver since he says he’s better than her. =)

    • Ever since he candidated as President of the Republic, he should have an idea what he’s going into. We already gave him his fist 100 days. And we forgave him on his first mistakes as president. But a year?! that different, even in a job, a year is different, if you done little improvement for a year, thats good, but if not…hell yeah, he should be fired first hand, because he is not up into his job!

      Presidency is not like any other regular jobs, there should be really no first 100 days, because he’s the head of the State, the pilot of our country! If for a year, all he did is rant on his issue about missing his private life, Or check on new sport cars,or blame the previous government rather than doing what he is really hired to by the people,…hmm… start to think already…. Because I’m pretty sure you will never like where we will be going for the next 5 years of his term.

  3. you can’t blame him, its obvious that our government system is slowly being cleaned up. I think its not a bad thing to blame the past administration especially when there’s a point. The only wrong thing that our president is doing is that he is reacts to the bullying of the people who don’t even give time to notice the good things that he is doing. He should focus in making people shut up, because, in my view. Every president will have their own admirers [sarcastic]

  4. its okay to criticize the president, because, it is for him to notice. But, its really annoying to read negative predictions that aren’t even yet happening. Why do Filipinos keep noticing the bad things of the administration when our president is already cleaning up the processing system of our government? the hard fact of governing people is that. Not all of them will agree to your every decision, because, not all see the decision as of their benefit . . . in short, selfish

  5. I think P-noy cannot move on from the previous administration, come on P-noy it’s the past, the most important time is NOW

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