July Headers – Clownfishes are Hermaphrodites & other Bits

From left to right:

1. Clownfish in Bubble-Tipped Anemone.

Popularized by the film, Finding Nemo. Clownfishes are sequential hermaphrodites: they develop into males, then females. Clownfishes live in harems with a single dominant female at the top. When the dominant female is removed, the most dominant male moves up the rank. :)

Bubble-tipped anemones are the favorite homes of Clownfishes. A young anemone has around 20 tentacles; the number of tentacles increases as the anemone gets older.

2. Moon Jellyfish

Moon Jellyfish live in coastal waters. They are easily recognized by the four bright gonads at the center of the bell.The adult is also called Medusa and yes, they can be male or female. Watch them in action.

3. Lettuce Coral, Phoenix Islands

Lettuce Coral, also known as Cabbage Coral, Ruffled Coral. Not the leafy kind you can munch on. Header picture is from National Geographic.


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