Healing Powers of Pope John Paul II

Three weeks ago, I got infected with gonorrhea. This chair used by Pope John Paul II when he visited Manila cured me. A relative of mine, who maintains this relic, collected the accumulated dust which I boiled down to a paste and used to cure myself.

It took only three days to make a full recovery. Praise the Lord for Pope John Paul II.

I’m not the only one. Another man was cured of impotence and got better sex appeal. Praise God.

Medvedev Eats Canto’t Bihon with Schwarz

(PNN) UNITED STATES – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev kicked off his five-day visit to the United States with dinner with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in St. Junathan’s Panciteria, San Francisco Branch. On the menu is our Most Beloved Canto’t Bihon.

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