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The Pandesal is very busy, therefore Weekly Digests have been …suspended

1. Know Your Gullibility Index by James Randi. For mental tools that’ll make you less gullible, see previous post.

2. Parallel to the RH/RP debates and the thoughtless “Protection of the Unborn Child” Bill by Rolio Golez is a the story of Shuai, a depressed pregnant women who attempted suicide and was arrested.


That’s right: according to the ways the laws are being applied here, the state of Indiana believes that any pregnant woman who smokes or lives with a smoker, who works long hours on her feet, who is overweight, who doesn’t exercise, or who fails to get regular prenatal care, is a felon. And the list of ways these laws could be construed to unconstitutionally prosecute pregnant women goes on and on…

3. Would you look at that: not all Filipinos are Catholics. Other churches give their two cents on the RH/RP debates and the CBCP doesn’t get a nod.

Failure to Communicate

This is one of the reasons why we can’t have more  light humor on this blog.

Atty. Sison, seasoned in real life trolling tactics, claims he has “yet to receive from its advocates and supporters a point by point refutation” aside of course from three?four? paragraphs long summary or teeny distortions of  most pro-RH arguments which is 40% of the written material. Semantics is everything. Arguments what arguments?

Then he pimps Joffre Balce’s 10 points, which is hilarious (I give you that) but lacks a touch of reality so characteristic of the pro-fetus camp. Did I mention it lacks a certain touch of reality?

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A slightly sober digest of last week…NOT

JAPAN Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster. Scroll down for links to Institutions you can donate to. Donations and volunteerism fuel rescue operations, not prayers.  For the Pinoys, Red Cross is accepting donations via telecoms. Japan is a rich country but they could use a little help right now with rescue operations. “Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.”

This week is all about Japan and Women. The Roman Catholic Church tried to make it about their big crosses and righteous indignation.  Continue reading

How to be an ASSHOLE after a Natural Disaster

This guide applies to theists who are unaffected by a recent and devastating natural disaster and can’t be bothered with empathy. Insert appropriate nouns for DISASTER, VICTIMS, DEITY, ADVOCACY, RANDOM REASON.

1. Thank deities that you and your family were spared. Make sure to emphasize how special and blessed your ass is unlike those poor sods the deities didn’t favor. Forget the other instances when you were affected by natural disasters.


“Thank DEITY our country was spared unlike VICTIMS who are suffering.” Continue reading


A prominent figure of an institution dedicated to moral and spiritual excellence must take care in choosing words to avoid tabloid sensationalism. What the esteemed bishop Oscar V. Cruz has written here, now a propaganda tool by the pro-fetus group, turned the idea of population development into a B-rated horror story courtesy of his “fertile imagination” and “downright fantastic” wit. Oscar V. Cruz knowingly committed again what he preaches God doesn’t want you to do: lie.

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