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I can tolerate saints and sinners, but I rather relate with humans.

Weapons of Mass Erection?…NOT!


Rep. Irwin Tieng and Mariano Michael Velarde are trying to pass the House Bill 4509 which will prohibit the distribution or intent to distribute, sale or resale and production of sex toys. Continue reading


Are you ready for the Zombiepocalypse?

If you’re a commuter in Metro Manila, you might have seen Family Radio’s billboard and bus ads. If you have, then I guess you’ve heard of the ‘good news’ that the date of the apocalypse is May 21, 2011. Yes, the world is going to end… again… for the nth time. Family Radio is a radio station based in the US that is owned and operated by Harold Camping. They are a Christian group who is horny for the end of the world. Continue reading

Catholic Supremacy in the Philippines

I find it ridiculous that Catholics are given special treatment by society here in the Philippines. They seem to be unaware of this excessive privilege that they happily enjoy. This privilege has helped them in subtle ways that has led to the discrimination, oppression and marginalization of non-Catholics. Continue reading

Deceitful God?

If there is a god, I believe that it would be a moral and just god. A god that is not genocidal, infanticidal, racist, sexist, petty and tyrannical. A god that does not order people to kill in his name, that does not condone stoning of girls who are no longer a virgin when married, a god that does not condone slavery, child molestation and rape. A god that does not treat women like property. A god that does not say gays, shrimps and crabs are an abomination. A god guilty of these traits is not worthy of worship and admiration. If there is a god, he wouldn’t be a book based god. A god that ignorant people created 4000 years ago to make sense of the world around them and to justify their own prejudice. Most importantly, if there is a god, this god wouldn’t be a deceitful god.

Continue reading