Letter From His Eminence Gaudly Bonbon ArchDuke Rosey

A letter from ArchDuke Rosey. Please pass on to as many people as you can. If you don’t, you’ll burn in hell. Click & click for more readable text.

DISCLAIMER:  The character depicted in this letter is fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

DISCLAIMER 2: Due to possible legal implications, we have tailored the letter for outright fakery.

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Failure to Communicate

This is one of the reasons why we can’t have more  light humor on this blog.

Atty. Sison, seasoned in real life trolling tactics, claims he has “yet to receive from its advocates and supporters a point by point refutation” aside of course from three?four? paragraphs long summary or teeny distortions of  most pro-RH arguments which is 40% of the written material. Semantics is everything. Arguments what arguments?

Then he pimps Joffre Balce’s 10 points, which is hilarious (I give you that) but lacks a touch of reality so characteristic of the pro-fetus camp. Did I mention it lacks a certain touch of reality?

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A prominent figure of an institution dedicated to moral and spiritual excellence must take care in choosing words to avoid tabloid sensationalism. What the esteemed bishop Oscar V. Cruz has written here, now a propaganda tool by the pro-fetus group, turned the idea of population development into a B-rated horror story courtesy of his “fertile imagination” and “downright fantastic” wit. Oscar V. Cruz knowingly committed again what he preaches God doesn’t want you to do: lie.

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rec: City of Guilt

City of Guilt is a short documentary about back-alley abortions in Metro Manila, where poor women risk their lives to undergo terrifying abortions. An issue with public policies on providing women the care they need is the interfering influence of the Roman Catholic Church and the political sycophants who cater to her wishes.

What the “pro-life” pundits fail to realize is that abortion is a desperate attempt at fertility control. While the middle class can afford abortions in clinics, the marginalized turn to dangerous back-alley abortions. Marginalized women lack education and resources, the bulwarks against runaway fertility. With the Philippines’ economic progress at a funeral pace, curtailing reproductive health programs only increases the number of unintended pregnancies and consequently, abortion incidence. Continue reading

Body of Mine, Blood of Mine

If anyone is offended by my non-belief, feel free not to read this. This is a statement done out of the respect for individual choice, and how it is repeatedly raped by the CBCP as it lies and deceives to keep the Reproductive Health Bill from passing and allowing information and education from reaching those who need it most.

Many of the Roman Catholics here in the Philippines have been seemingly caught in a neverending loop that might be surprising even to them. As we know it, we grow up seeing friends and family begetting babies out of wedlock, and most of the time, conservative parents would hurry them up to the altar to marry them, sometimes without minding to ask the children how they feel about it, all just to save face. All just for the “dignity” that is supposed to be held, which is apprarently much more important to the parents than the children’s opinions, or the children’s choice later in life, being much too young to set their life in stone with a marriage.

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Delusions of Absolute Liberty

You got to hand it to the anti-reproductive health fanatics. From ridiculous assumptions such as the Reproductive Health Bill legalizing abortion, immediate population depletion to out of vogue assumptions that population development programs are not important, absurdities, logic cartwheels and random religious invocations are gifts that just keep on giving.

The latest addition to their arsenal of slippery slope arguments, appeal to emotion, selective observation, red herrings, appeal to motive, wishful thinking (this one is a winner)… is “liberty.” Yes, folks. They took Papa Oreilly’s lessons to heart and are now rebranding “liberty.”

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The Utter Stupidity of Pro-Life Arguments

I usually avoid dishing the insulting words regarding intellectual capacities, but in this case insulting words are  accurate. If you’re one of those noisy Filipino “pro-lifers” actively barricading the passage of a reproductive health bill and if some of these left your mouth and your fingers, let it be known, you have typed or said something Utterly Stupid.  Continue reading

rec: The Secular Anti-RH Position: Lies, Distortions, and Straw Men

The Roman Catholic Church does not hesitate in meddling with political affairs in the Philippines. Their recent cockblocking of the Reproductive Health Bill, which will mandate universal health care, shows the RCC Philippine arm, CBCP, is not above mudslinging, negative campaigning and outright lying. Some well meaning Christians who supported the church’s stance often recourse to insisting that information dissemination and promotion of all birth control methods without discrimination promotes “immorality” and funds should be invested in other ways.

Below is a collection of good rebuttals to the common fallacies spread by the CBCP and their supporters:

The Secular Anti-RH Position: Lies, Distortions, and Straw Men.