A World of Trade-offs

Life is a game of tradeoffs: You invest to get a return and you walk away from other choices in order to pursue one. Reproduction follows this game. Some thoughts on contraception, abortion, reproduction and “sanctity of life.”

It’s ridiculous to promote Natural Family Planning/Abstinence and call modern contraception abortion in the same breath –  both are methods of contraception / birth control (prevention of pregnancy) and manifestations of humanity’s reproductive freedom.

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rec: City of Guilt

City of Guilt is a short documentary about back-alley abortions in Metro Manila, where poor women risk their lives to undergo terrifying abortions. An issue with public policies on providing women the care they need is the interfering influence of the Roman Catholic Church and the political sycophants who cater to her wishes.

What the “pro-life” pundits fail to realize is that abortion is a desperate attempt at fertility control. While the middle class can afford abortions in clinics, the marginalized turn to dangerous back-alley abortions. Marginalized women lack education and resources, the bulwarks against runaway fertility. With the Philippines’ economic progress at a funeral pace, curtailing reproductive health programs only increases the number of unintended pregnancies and consequently, abortion incidence. Continue reading