Family Planning and Religion


The Roman Catholic Church’s unique stance on Family Planning and contraception was mostly from Augustine of Hippo’s commentaries before we had sufficient knowledge of human reproduction. Due to the “infallibility” of the Pope, the Roman Catholic Church hinders itself from reissuing statements on dogma that could uplift the lives of its flock including its stance on contraception. Below is an excerpt from Pastrana & Harris’ Demographic Governance and Family Planning: the Philippines’ Way Forward.

Roman Catholicism is the only religion that specifically and explicitly condemns contraception. First, let’s look at other religions and then answer the question why contemporary Catholic teaching is so profoundly different from that of all other religions.

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A World of Trade-offs

Life is a game of tradeoffs: You invest to get a return and you walk away from other choices in order to pursue one. Reproduction follows this game. Some thoughts on contraception, abortion, reproduction and “sanctity of life.”

It’s ridiculous to promote Natural Family Planning/Abstinence and call modern contraception abortion in the same breath –  both are methods of contraception / birth control (prevention of pregnancy) and manifestations of humanity’s reproductive freedom.

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