Deceitful God?

If there is a god, I believe that it would be a moral and just god. A god that is not genocidal, infanticidal, racist, sexist, petty and tyrannical. A god that does not order people to kill in his name, that does not condone stoning of girls who are no longer a virgin when married, a god that does not condone slavery, child molestation and rape. A god that does not treat women like property. A god that does not say gays, shrimps and crabs are an abomination. A god guilty of these traits is not worthy of worship and admiration. If there is a god, he wouldn’t be a book based god. A god that ignorant people created 4000 years ago to make sense of the world around them and to justify their own prejudice. Most importantly, if there is a god, this god wouldn’t be a deceitful god.

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