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1. Know Your Gullibility Index by James Randi. For mental tools that’ll make you less gullible, see previous post.

2. Parallel to the RH/RP debates and the thoughtless “Protection of the Unborn Child” Bill by Rolio Golez is a the story of Shuai, a depressed pregnant women who attempted suicide and was arrested.


That’s right: according to the ways the laws are being applied here, the state of Indiana believes that any pregnant woman who smokes or lives with a smoker, who works long hours on her feet, who is overweight, who doesn’t exercise, or who fails to get regular prenatal care, is a felon. And the list of ways these laws could be construed to unconstitutionally prosecute pregnant women goes on and on…

3. Would you look at that: not all Filipinos are Catholics. Other churches give their two cents on the RH/RP debates and the CBCP doesn’t get a nod.

Body of Mine, Blood of Mine

If anyone is offended by my non-belief, feel free not to read this. This is a statement done out of the respect for individual choice, and how it is repeatedly raped by the CBCP as it lies and deceives to keep the Reproductive Health Bill from passing and allowing information and education from reaching those who need it most.

Many of the Roman Catholics here in the Philippines have been seemingly caught in a neverending loop that might be surprising even to them. As we know it, we grow up seeing friends and family begetting babies out of wedlock, and most of the time, conservative parents would hurry them up to the altar to marry them, sometimes without minding to ask the children how they feel about it, all just to save face. All just for the “dignity” that is supposed to be held, which is apprarently much more important to the parents than the children’s opinions, or the children’s choice later in life, being much too young to set their life in stone with a marriage.

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