The Great Bullshit Concept – God is Good All the Time

I guess individuals need a God or a religion because they don’t have the power to believe in themselves. People have changed from giving themselves and others credit for their own accomplishments to relating everything good that happens to them to god. It’s not like a god would care about a stupid football game.

With the concept of god, people forget to give thanks or give credit to others. I find it disturbing when a man will thank the god he has never seen nor met for a meal he is about to eat, but he will not thank the man who prepared the meal. You’ll see the same things in hospitals. After the Doctor saves the life of a patient, families and friends often give the credit to God, “Thank God”, “God is great”, “God really works in mysterious ways blah blah blah blah…”

God is often given credit for many things. Not only he is given the credit but God always wins by default. When someone doesn’t die in an accident, people say “God saved his life”, but if they die, none say “God killed him”. Huh!? Who did then? Satan? Well, fuck you!

God remains as the most valuable among man’s inventions and the fundies make profit out of it without much investment.

 “Life is hard, and it’s harder when you’re stupid.” – John Wayne

The Great Bullshit Concept – God is a Bad Influence

I think the reason many people believe there’s a god is people have the need to be able to blame their problems on someone else. Let’s not forget Satan; by default, he is the one blamed when something bad happens.

On the other hand, having a god can be an excuse for repeatedly doing evil things. Once we know that there is a supreme being who is capable of forgiving our sins we will do whatever we want to do. Continue reading

God of Suspicion

Isn’t it suspicious?

“Humans have existed for about 100,000 years, at least. Prior to modern health and medicine, the average lifespan was 20-30 years. Most babies die during the first five years of life, either at birth or from diseases. Natural events like lightning storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other mysterious phenomena terrified these humans. You can imagine what it was like then, knowing nothing of how nature works.” Continue reading

Healing Powers of Pope John Paul II

Three weeks ago, I got infected with gonorrhea. This chair used by Pope John Paul II when he visited Manila cured me. A relative of mine, who maintains this relic, collected the accumulated dust which I boiled down to a paste and used to cure myself.

It took only three days to make a full recovery. Praise the Lord for Pope John Paul II.

I’m not the only one. Another man was cured of impotence and got better sex appeal. Praise God.

The CruciFiction of a Man Named Jesus Christ

Two thousand years ago, a man named Jesus the Christ whom the Christians revered as the god incarnated as man, was executed through crucifixion. The mainstream Christian religions of the world believed that this man died on the cross in a place called Cavalry, in the outskirt of Jerusalem. As one of the most famous dead people and one of the most studied, we will discuss if this Jesus really died on the cross. Continue reading

Canto’t Bihonism – Whoever shall partake of my flesh lives forever

And Jonathan said, “I am the living Canto’t Bihon descended from the heavens: whoever shall partake of this Pansit lives forever. Yes, and the Canto’t Bihon I give unto thee is my flesh that gives life to the world.” >:))

Honor his yumminess Canto’t Bihon at the CBCP Facebook. Partake of his flesh and live in happiness forever and ever. R’amen.

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