Catholic Supremacy in the Philippines

I find it ridiculous that Catholics are given special treatment by society here in the Philippines. They seem to be unaware of this excessive privilege that they happily enjoy. This privilege has helped them in subtle ways that has led to the discrimination, oppression and marginalization of non-Catholics. Continue reading

1956: The Church and the mandatory Damaso

In the 1950’s when the Church wasn’t waging war over women’s uterus much, it occupied itself by equating mandated Rizal courses to the collapse of moral fibre. It’s ages ago but I’m sure you can imagine the Church’s butthurt over required reading of something so unflattering that although they’re as Pinoy as they can get with Rizal, they’re allergic to his Noli and Fili. Yes, boys and girls; you almost didn’t get to know Padre Damaso and other charming priests like Salvi, Irene and Camorra because the Church was afraid it’ll destroy your faith in god.

Due to some fluke, the Philippine chapter of the Vatican Monarchy malfunctioned or Congress achieved a state of sanity to pass Republic Act 1425, which made the Rizal courses mandatory and Damaso a household name.

Show more appreciation for Rizal, folks!

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Family Planning and Religion


The Roman Catholic Church’s unique stance on Family Planning and contraception was mostly from Augustine of Hippo’s commentaries before we had sufficient knowledge of human reproduction. Due to the “infallibility” of the Pope, the Roman Catholic Church hinders itself from reissuing statements on dogma that could uplift the lives of its flock including its stance on contraception. Below is an excerpt from Pastrana & Harris’ Demographic Governance and Family Planning: the Philippines’ Way Forward.

Roman Catholicism is the only religion that specifically and explicitly condemns contraception. First, let’s look at other religions and then answer the question why contemporary Catholic teaching is so profoundly different from that of all other religions.

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A prominent figure of an institution dedicated to moral and spiritual excellence must take care in choosing words to avoid tabloid sensationalism. What the esteemed bishop Oscar V. Cruz has written here, now a propaganda tool by the pro-fetus group, turned the idea of population development into a B-rated horror story courtesy of his “fertile imagination” and “downright fantastic” wit. Oscar V. Cruz knowingly committed again what he preaches God doesn’t want you to do: lie.

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rec: City of Guilt

City of Guilt is a short documentary about back-alley abortions in Metro Manila, where poor women risk their lives to undergo terrifying abortions. An issue with public policies on providing women the care they need is the interfering influence of the Roman Catholic Church and the political sycophants who cater to her wishes.

What the “pro-life” pundits fail to realize is that abortion is a desperate attempt at fertility control. While the middle class can afford abortions in clinics, the marginalized turn to dangerous back-alley abortions. Marginalized women lack education and resources, the bulwarks against runaway fertility. With the Philippines’ economic progress at a funeral pace, curtailing reproductive health programs only increases the number of unintended pregnancies and consequently, abortion incidence. Continue reading

Body of Mine, Blood of Mine

If anyone is offended by my non-belief, feel free not to read this. This is a statement done out of the respect for individual choice, and how it is repeatedly raped by the CBCP as it lies and deceives to keep the Reproductive Health Bill from passing and allowing information and education from reaching those who need it most.

Many of the Roman Catholics here in the Philippines have been seemingly caught in a neverending loop that might be surprising even to them. As we know it, we grow up seeing friends and family begetting babies out of wedlock, and most of the time, conservative parents would hurry them up to the altar to marry them, sometimes without minding to ask the children how they feel about it, all just to save face. All just for the “dignity” that is supposed to be held, which is apprarently much more important to the parents than the children’s opinions, or the children’s choice later in life, being much too young to set their life in stone with a marriage.

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