Medvedev Eats Canto’t Bihon with Schwarz

(PNN) UNITED STATES – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev kicked off his five-day visit to the United States with dinner with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in St. Junathan’s Panciteria, San Francisco Branch. On the menu is our Most Beloved Canto’t Bihon.

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Canto’t Bihonism – Whoever shall partake of my flesh lives forever

And Jonathan said, “I am the living Canto’t Bihon descended from the heavens: whoever shall partake of this Pansit lives forever. Yes, and the Canto’t Bihon I give unto thee is my flesh that gives life to the world.” >:))

Honor his yumminess Canto’t Bihon at the CBCP Facebook. Partake of his flesh and live in happiness forever and ever. R’amen.

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