Eight days to Judgment Day

This is a true story.

This is Darc Xed accounts on his final days coming to May, 21, 2011, the Judgement Day…

UPDATE: Which has been RESET on October 21, 2011.

The so-called 2nd Coming of Christ

Please note that some of this posts can be seen on Twitter.


  • Play with my PSP; Win a debate against a lunatic in GMA News page regarding RH Bill; Checked final draft titled: Atheism and Morality next to be published.


  • Destroyed a boys last humanity; Researched for 2 new articles; Sound tripping; Checked tweets and TAFW blog page.


  • My day of fishing and rampaging; Sound tripping whole day long; Argued with someone; Dined in a fast food chain; Read and reacts at my new article at TAFW WP page.


  • Sick with severe headache; Freakin’ hot even at night!


  • Reads Holy Blood Holy Grail, focusing on Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene; Checked email; Reading; Sound tripping; Dined at Jacks.


  • Reading comments in TAFW WP page; Monitored Manny Pacquiaos’ interpolation on RH Bill issue; Trolling around in GMA News, Bandila and ANC News pages; Researching for an article about Love and Atheism; Raining tonight.


  • Writing and researching; Patrolling at some support RH Bill pages; Cleaned the house; Made some groceries (buy beer for the last time); Dinner foot long and Float.


  • Cleaned my room; Lunch hotsilog plus coffee; Just enjoying my “LAST” day on the face of the Earth before tomorrows Judgement Day; May be drink beer tonight after finishing work.


  • If this is really the LAST DAY, I would like to thank you all, my friends, colleagues and detractors for being connected with you in some sort of way. This I will always treasure. Lets enjoy our final ride!!

The rain of fire

I’m eagerly waiting for that final hour for  true Judgement. If this one fails, someone out there will be scrapping for alibis, because he is the one to be judged, not by just some of his brethren who felt betrayed and fooled.

The world is waiting for this event to fail. ^_^


June 26, 2011

  • UPDATE: Due to Mr. Harold Camping miscalculation on the date of the end of the World. I’m again will wait for that moment to occur. And if that event never happen, I tell you, more people will start to question their own faith and their belief in a “good” and “all-mighty” sky daddy. And for sure, I will laugh on this one till I’m very much satisfied for that ridiculous prediction!

Penny for your thoughts?

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